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Not enough disk space for Upgrading...Aborting (Sensor upgrade using TFTP fails due to disk space limitation)
Technical Articles ID:   KB50985
Last Modified:  5/18/2018


 McAfee Network Security Sensor appliance


When upgrading or downgrading a Sensor software version via TFTP, the process fails and you see the following error output to the console or ssh client: 
Not enough disk space for Upgrading...Aborting


A lack of free space on the internal file system of the Network Security Sensor causes the process to fail.


To clear space on the Sensor
From the Sensor command line, reboot the Sensor twice to delete any non-persistent files resident on the file system: 
  1. Open a Sensor command-line session.
  2. At the prompt, type reboot and press ENTER. Usually a reboot creates enough space to complete the upgrade or downgrade process.
If the issue persists, delete the old signatures on the Sensor: 
  1. Log on to the Sensor using a command-line session.
  2. Delete all sigfiles resident in the file system:
    Type deletesignatures and press ENTER.
  3. Perform the upgrade or downgrade.
  4. Immediately push a signature set from the Manager to the Sensor.

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