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Supported Platforms, Environments, and Operating Systems for McAfee products
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Last Modified:  3/24/2015


Multiple McAfee products


NOTE: This article will be updated periodically with the latest information on supported environments.
As new operating systems and Service Packs are released, the original McAfee Product Guides might not reflect the current McAfee support policy for those platforms. The following articles will be updated as necessary to provide current information on supported operating systems for McAfee products.

McAfee products and their associated supported operating systems and platforms

Article McAfee product Operating system(s) Comments
KB73341 Application Control Linux, Solaris, Windows  
KB76459 Change Control AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows  
KB51573 Common Management Agent and McAfee Agent Mac, Linux, Solaris, Windows  
KB83557 Content Security Reporter Windows
KB73919 Database Activity Monitoring Linux, Windows  
KB82511 Data Center Connectors VMWare systems
KB83368 Data Exchange Layer Windows, Linux
KB79422 Drive Encryption Windows, Mac Formerly known as Endpoint Encryption for PC
KB75411 Deep Defender 1.0/1.0.1/1.5 Windows  
KB75210 Email and Web Security 5.x Virtual Appliance & VMTrial
Email Gateway 7 Virtual Appliance Installation
VMware Supported versions of VMware Platforms/products for EWS/MEG 7 Virtual Appliance installations.
KB72735 Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders (EEFF) 4.x Windows only IMPORTANT: EEFF has changed its name to File and Removable Media Protection.
KB76804 Endpoint Encryption for PC (EEPC) 7.0.x Windows only IMPORTANT: EEPC 7 has changed its name to Drive Encryption (DE).
KB68053 Endpoint Encryption for PC 6.x Windows only  
KB75649 Endpoint Encryption for PC 5.x Windows only  
KB68921 Endpoint Encryption for Mac Mac  
KB53698 Endpoint Encryption Manager Windows only  
KB78694 Endpoint Protection for Mac Mac  
KB82761 Endpoint Security Windows
KB81475  Enterprise Mobility Management 12.x Windows, iOS, Android  
KB76319 Enterprise Mobility Management 11.x, 10.x Windows, iOS, Android  
KB51569 ePolicy Orchestrator Windows only  
KB77948 ePO Deep Command Windows only  
KB84051 Firewall Enterprise Firewall Enterprise appliance, virtual appliance, Crossbeam X-Series, and CloudShield CS-4000
KB81149 File and Removable Media Protection Windows, Mac Formerly known as Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders
KB51115 GroupShield for Exchange Windows only  
KB51085 GroupShield for Domino AIX, Solaris, Windows Formerly known as Security for Lotus Domino
KB78977 Global Threat Intelligence Proxy Windows, Linux  
KB68147 Host Data Loss Prevention 9.x Windows only  
KB70778 Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0    
KB59820 Host Intrusion Prevention 7.0    
KB79375 Management of Native Encryption Mac and Windows IMPORTANT: Management of Native Encryption is required to support Mac OS X 10.9. MNE was formerly known as Endpoint Encryption for Mac.
KB74865 Managed Optimized Virtual Environments (MOVE) VMWare managed systems  
KB67223 Network Access Control    
KB76444 One Time Password Windows, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris  
KB72961 Policy Auditor 6.x Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris  
KB53485 Quarantine Manager Windows only  
KB79588 Risk Advisor    
KB82323 Rogue System Detection 5.x Sensors Windows only  
KB79770 Rogue System Detection 4.7.x Sensors    
KB67203 Rogue System Detection 4.5/4.6 Sensors    
KB60533 SaaS Endpoint Protection  
KB82890 Security for Microsoft Exchange 8.5 Windows only  
KB76903 Security for Microsoft Exchange 8.0 Windows only  
KB73835 Security for Microsoft Exchange 7.6 Windows only  
KB66322 Security for Lotus Domino Linux only  
KB66972 Security for Lotus Domino Windows only  
KB76325 Security for Mac Mac  
KB68141 Security for Microsoft SharePoint Windows only  Formerly known as PortalShield
KB82516 SIEM Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) Windows, Linux  
KB51244 SiteAdvisor Enterprise Windows only  
KB68595 SmartFilter Linux, Solaris, Windows  
KB83368 Threat Intelligence Exchange Server VMware
KB52944 VirusScan Command Line Scanner Windows, AIX, Solaris, Unix  
KB51111 VirusScan Enterprise Windows only  
KB75270 VirusScan Enterprise for Linux supported environments    
KB74862 VirusScan Enterprise for Offline Virtual Images Windows only  
KB74864 VirusScan Enterprise for SAP Windows only IMPORTANT: This product reaches End of Sale and End of Life (EOL) effective September 30, 2014. For more details, see KB81614.
KB74863 VirusScan Enterprise for Storage Windows only  
KB76330 VirusScan for Mac Mac OS  
KB52115 Vulnerability Manager Windows only Formerly known as Foundstone
KB69396 WebMER 2.3 Windows  
KB84154 Web Gateway Web Gateway appliance, Web Gateway virtual appliance, and Web Gateway on a blade server
KB68872 Web Reporter Linux, Solaris, Windows

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