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No canned queries or server tasks listed under "My Queries" after logging in with the default Admin account in ePO 4.x
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Last Modified:  7/28/2015


McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 4.x

Problem 1

Reporting, Queries, My Queries does not display any queries after logging in with the default admin account to ePO 4.x. Server tasks are also not displayed.

Problem 2

During an upgrade or new installation to ePO 4.x, another user account was created (Example: administrator).


During a new installation or upgrade of ePO 4.x, a new username is created (example: Administrator). The default account name is admin.
Although a new user account is created during the installation, the account actually used to log on is the default admin account. This does not allow the default queries or server tasks to be displayed.
It is necessary to log on with the account created during the installation/upgrade account (Administrator) to see the queries under Reporting, My Queries or Server Tasks under Automation.

Solution 1

Export queries under administrator and import under admin account.
  1. Log on to the ePO 4.x console using the account created during installation (Example: administrator).
  2. Click Menu, Reporting, Queries & Reports.
  3. Click All to list the available queries.
  4. Select each query one by one and click ActionsExport Data.
  5. Configure the settings as desired and click Export.
  6. Once done, click Close.
  7. Navigate to the required folder and save the selected query as an XML file.
  8. Log on as admin (default).
  9. Click Menu, Reporting, Queries & Reports.
  10. Click Import Definitions.
  11. Click Browse and navigate to the location of the XML file.
  12. Click Save.

Solution 2

Create new server tasks under the desired admin user.

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