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Supported Platforms, Environments, and Operating Systems for Vulnerability Manager
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Last Modified:  02/13/2014


McAfee Vulnerability Manager 7.5
McAfee Vulnerability Manager 7.0.x


With the updating of operating systems, platforms, and Service Packs, the original Product Guides for McAfee Vulnerability Manager (MVM) might not reflect the current McAfee support policy for those platforms.

Most of the information in this article is available in the Product Installation Guides and Readme files. However, some of it is available only in Product Management Statements published in the McAfee KnowledgeBase.

Supported operating systems

Operating system
MVM 7.0
MVM 7.5
Microsoft Windows 2003 SP2 Yes Scan Engine only
Microsoft Windows 2003 R2 No No
Microsoft Windows 2008 No No
Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Yes  Yes
Microsoft Windows 8 No No
Microsoft Windows 2012 No No
Microsot Windows 2012 R2 No No

For additional information including system requirements, see the Installation Guide for your version of MVM.

For a full list of product documents, go to the McAfee ServicePortal at: http://support.mcafee.com. Click Knowledge Center, and select Product Documentation from the Support Content list.

Supported versions of Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server
MVM 7.0
MVM 7.5
2005 SP2 and later Yes No
2005 SP4 and later Yes Yes
2008 Yes Yes
2008 SP1 and later Yes Yes
2008 R2 No Yes
2008 R2 SP1 and later No Yes
2008 R2 Express No Yes

To determine the installed version of SQL, see Microsoft article 321185 at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/321185.

NOTE: MVM Appliances (3000 and 3100) only support the SQL 2005 versions as noted above. Customers who want to use SQL 2008 should use their own hardware.

Supported virtual environments

Virtual environment
MVM 7.0
MVM 7.5
VMware ESX Server Yes Yes
VMware Workstation Yes Yes
Microsoft Hyper-V No No

For additional information about supported virtual environments and virtual system requirements, see the Virtualization Guide for your version of MVM.

MVM does not support installing the database with .NET 4.0. If you must use .NET 4.0, install the database first.  

Browser MVM 7.0 MVM 7.5
Internet Explorer (IE) 6 and earlier
IE10 No Yes****
Mozilla Firefox v3.6 and v4.0
Google Chrome (all versions)
* IE9 is not supported. However, pages should display properly when using Compatibility View. For additional information, see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/internet-explorer/products/ie-9/features/compatibility-view. McAfee is currently evaluating support for Internet Explorer 9 in a future release of the product.
** Mozilla Firefox is not supported. McAfee is currently evaluating support for Firefox in a future release of the product.
*** Limited Support for Firefox. All issues found specific to Firefox will be evaluated and researched for possible product fixes. 
**** Windows 8 client connections to the Enterprise Manager using IE10 are supported.

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