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Current Network Security Platform software version information
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Last Modified:  7/17/2018


McAfee Network Security Manager 9.x, 8.x
McAfee Network Security Sensor 9.x, 8.x


This article lists the current maintenance release versions of the Network Security Platform (NSP) Manager and Sensor software, and Signature Sets that are available from the Product Downloads site.

  • NSP software versions 7.1, 7.5, 8.0, and 8.2 have reached End of Life (EOL) and are no longer supported.
  • The I-Series Sensors have reached EOL and are no longer supported; the final signature set to support the I-Series Sensors was the set.
  • To view the latest issues and release notes, click here to find the Known Issues article for your release of NSP.

8.1 8.3 9.1 9.2
Manager software
Sensor software (M-Series) -
Sensor software (NS-Series)
NTBA (Network Threat Behavior Analysis) software -
Virtual IPS
Signature Set or


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