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How to edit, back up, and restore an Appliance configuration file
Technical Articles ID:   KB56323
Last Modified:  9/22/2017


McAfee Email Gateway 7.x

On October 22, 2015, McAfee announced the five year End of Life (EOL) for McAfee Email Gateway (MEG) software and appliances. For details, see KB85857


This article explains how to back up, edit, and restore an Email and Web Security 5.x or McAfee Email Gateway 7.x Appliance configuration (config) file.


  • If you are using ePO to manage your appliance, you must follow the process documented in KB82606 to avoid ePO overwriting your configuration changes.
  • Technical Support recommends that you save the configuration file from the appliance and store a backup copy in a separate location. Edit a copy of the configuration file, and always keep a current version in a safe place.
  • For details about saving, editing, and restoring the appliance configuration file, follow the instructions in KB56323.
  1. Export the Appliance configuration file:
    1. Create a new folder and provide a descriptive name. For example, Appliance_config_backup.
    2. On the Appliance, select System, Cluster ManagementBackup and Restore Configuration.
    3. Click Backup Config, then click the link to save the configuration.
    4. Save this configuration to the new folder.

      NOTE: The numbers in the name of the configuration file change with new versions and updates.
    5. Right-click the configuration file and select Open with WinZip.
    6. In WinZip Browse to the Config directory.
  2. Edit the Appliance configuration file.

    NOTE: The steps in this section are provided as an example only. This example uses smtp.xml. Substitute the name with your actual file name.
    1. Locate the file to be edited in the Config folder (example, smtp.xml). In some cases it may be necessary to browse to Config, Native.
    2. Extract only the file to be edited, such as smtp.xml.

      IMPORTANT:  Ensure that you do not extract the full zip file, only the XML to be edited. Extracting the full configuration can cause corruption in the configuration.
    3. Right-click smtp.xml and select Open with Wordpad.
    4. Edit the file as required.
    5. Click Save.
    6. Drag and drop the edited smtp.xml back to the same Directory (such as Config or Config, Native) from which it was extracted.
  3. Restore the Configuration File to the Appliance:
    1. Log on to the Appliance manager console.
    2. Select System, Cluster ManagementBackup and Restore Configuration.
    3. Click Restore from File.
    4. Locate the zip file you just created and click OK.
    5. Select the Values to Restore and click OK.
    6. Click Close.
    7. Click Apply Configuration Changes.
    8. Type a comment and click OK.

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