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Push Agent Installation Program to "computer name" Fail! (when deploying the McAfee Agent)
Technical Articles ID:   KB56386
Last Modified:  9/25/2019


McAfee Agent (MA) 5.x, 4.x
McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 5.x


Deploying the McAfee Agent from the ePO server or remote Agent Handler fails. The ePO server log records the following error:
Push Agent Installation Program to <computer name> Fail!


The following environmental requirements are necessary to successfully send an agent installation from the ePO server or remote Agent Handler to a client.
  • Enable all of the following on the network and the client computer:
    • NetBIOS protocol
    • Network protocols and ports required for machine name resolution
    • ADMIN$ share
    • File and Print sharing
    • Server service
    • Remote Registry service

    Example: From the ePO server operating system, press Windows+R and run the following:


    If prompted for credentials, this is the restriction affecting the task to transfer agent installer package to the client machine.
  • Ensure the credentials used for the push from the ePO server or remote Agent Handler have local administrative rights on the client. Additionally, disable User Account Control (UAC) in Windows to successfully push an agent. For more information about UAC, go to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/bb756996.aspx.
  • Apply the following security settings to the client computer:
    • Impersonate a client after authentication
    • Create global objects
  • When pushing from an ePO server or Agent Handler residing on Windows Server 2008 or later, the target account must be added to the Log on Locally User Rights Assignment and must have Local Administrator permissions on the server performing the push.

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