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ePolicy Orchestrator server cannot perform an agent wake-up call to a VPN client
Technical Articles ID:   KB58818
Last Modified:  7/13/2018


McAfee Agent 5.x, 4.8.x
McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 5.x


The ePO server cannot perform an agent wake-up call to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client.

You see the following error:
Failed to connect to <ePO servername>:<agent wake-up communication port>, network error was 10061


An agent wake-up call will not work when the client is connected through a VPN because McAfee Agent binds to the first IP address that it is given during startup. This is the IP address that will be sent to the ePO server. The address the client is given during system startup is not the Network Address Translation (NAT) address. Therefore, the ePO server will not be able to connect to McAfee Agent using an agent wake-up call. However, the client-to-ePO server communication will work because the client is aware of the ePO server IP address. This means that the client will receive all the updates and policies from the server with every agent-to-server communication.

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