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How to submit a new Product Idea (Product Enhancement Request)
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Last Modified:  2/20/2018


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To improve our ongoing product enhancement dialogue with customers, McAfee is migrating the product enhancement request system to a new Community Ideas platform, effective immediately. This migration encompasses multiple distinct phases, with the immediate phase focused on selective data transfer from the existing Ideas forum (VersionOne Ideas forum).

This article will be updated with additional information regarding access and participation when the new Community Ideas system is available for use later in Q1 2018.


To enable data migration to Community Ideas, McAfee will use a snapshot of the existing VersionOne Ideas forum as of mid-February 2018 to establish a baseline. Although not all ideas will be migrated, McAfee has identified targets that will provide continuity and insight into planned, completed, not planned, and recently submitted ideas that are still open for voting. 

  • Ideas, comments, and votes submitted to the existing VersionOne Ideas forum on or after February 16, 2018 might not be migrated to the new Community Ideas environment.
  • If you are a current member of the VersionOne Ideas forum, the migration will not include user profile information to streamline our ongoing data privacy regulation compliance initiative.
  • An upcoming phase of the migration will require all Community Ideas users to associate their user profile with a valid McAfee customer entitlement to participate. 
As in the existing VersionOne Ideas forum, submitters should not expect that their ideas will be committed to by the product management and development teams. The new Community Ideas forum will provide a mechanism to submit suggestions and act as a valuable data point on potential areas for product improvement that will be considered with other priorities, such as strategic product portfolio planning. 


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