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How to submit a new Product Idea (Product Enhancement Request)
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Last Modified:  11/8/2019


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If you have a suggestion that could make our products better, McAfee encourages you to submit your feedback and product enhancement requests in the McAfee Community Ideas forum at: https://community.mcafee.com/t5/Business-Ideas/idb-p/business-ideas. The Ideas forum is accessible only to McAfee business and enterprise customers.

To access the Ideas forum, visit https://community.mcafee.com/t5/Business-Ideas/idb-p/business-ideas. Click Sign In and enter your McAfee ServicePortal (https://support.mcafee.com) User ID and password. If you do not yet have a McAfee ServicePortal or McAfee Community account, click Register to register for a new account on either website.
On the Ideas forum, you can submit, browse, search, and vote for ideas to improve McAfee products.
The Ideas forum provides a mechanism to submit suggestions. But, that does not guarantee any commitment from the Product Management and Development teams. This forum provides a valuable data point on potential areas of product improvement that are considered with other priorities, such as strategic efforts.  
Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I create an Idea?
Use the Search function to search the Community (community.mcafee.com) to find an existing solution to your problem, or a related Idea created by another user. Search results list all Ideas and content that match the search terms you provide. To view the details of an individual Idea, click on the idea. If an existing Idea matches your search terms, submit your kudos (votes) and comments for that Idea.
For your convenience, the Idea entry workflow automatically identifies existing Ideas that match your keywords as you type. Your comments and kudos have more impact when other users have similar needs. So, put your support behind existing Ideas when possible rather than creating a duplicate entry. 
If none of the Ideas in the search results match your request, click Suggest an idea and follow the Idea entry workflow:
  • Create a meaningful Subject.
  • Provide a detailed description for the Body.
  • Attach a file with supporting information, if it helps explain your request.
  • Select one or more Labels to associate the request with the appropriate McAfee products. 
How will I be notified when the status of my Idea changes?
The Ideas system sends an email to the address you used to register when new comments or kudos are added to your Idea. You also receive an email if the Idea changes status.
The McAfee team reviews Ideas on an on-going basis, and more formally as part of our normal release planning process. We provide occasional updates, but you can view the status of a specific Idea in the Ideas forum.
Why didn't my idea make it into my McAfee product?
We can't guarantee that all Ideas will be included in our product roadmap. We must balance community input with our strategic direction. We value your collective input, and will continue to work with you to innovate at McAfee.
Will I be compensated if my Idea is delivered?
No. But, you have the knowledge that your Idea made it into the product and is driving better outcomes for you and other users.

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