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McAfee Agent does not remove through Add/Remove Programs
Technical Articles ID:  KB60556
Last Modified:  7/27/2015


McAfee Agent (MA) 4.x


The following message displays when selecting Remove for the McAfee Agent through Add or Remove Programs on client computers:

McAfee Agent cannot be removed because other products are still using it

This message occurs even when there are no other McAfee products installed on the client computer.


This message displays as long as the agent is in Managed Mode or being managed by the ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) server. This is true regardless of any additional point products being installed. This is as designed, to prevent the instance where removing a point product also removes the agent from the client computer, leaving it unmanaged by the ePO server.

The computer must be removed from Managed Mode, before this option is functional.

To take the computer out of Managed Mode, run the following command on the client computer, while logged on as an Administrator:

frminst.exe /remove=agent

This removes the computer from Managed Mode, and the McAfee Framework Service can now be removed through Add or Remove Programs.

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McAfee Agent 4.8

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