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How to automatically bypass preboot using the Autoboot User account
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Last Modified:  5/18/2015


McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC 5.x



If you have to temporarily bypass Endpoint Encryption security so that you can restart a computer quickly, you can enable the $autoboot$ account. This can be useful if you have to update software using a distribution package such as SMS or Zenworks.

IMPORTANT: Use the $autoboot$ account with caution because it effectively bypasses the protection provided by Endpoint Encryption.


  1. Click Start, Programs, McAfee Endpoint Encryption Manager, Endpoint Encryption Manager.
  2. Click the Users tab, then expand Endpoint Encryption User Groups.
  3. Create a new user called $autoboot$ and set the default password to 12345.

    IMPORTANT: If the password is set to anything other than 12345, the autoboot authentication will fail.
  4. Add the $autoboot$ user to the specific computer or to the Machine Group if you require this setting for a specific group of systems.
  5. Right-click $autoboot$ and select Properties, Password, then enable Prevent change. By default the option is deselected, but it is required for the bypass preboot to work.
  6. Click the Devices tab, then expand Endpoint Encryption Machine Groups.
  7. Right-click either the group name or open the group and click the computer name, then select Properties.
  8. In the left pane, click General.
  9. In the right pane under the Options, locate the Miscellaneous section and ensure that Disable checking for autoboot is deselected.
  10. Click Apply, Close.
  11. Right-click either the group or computer and select Force Sync. The autoboot user is then added.
After the computer restarts, it automatically logs on at preboot and loads the operating system.

IMPORTANT: When the autoboot user is no longer needed, re-enable the option to Disable checking for autoboot.

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