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Web Gateway: How to allow non-standard ports for HTTPS connections
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Last Modified:  12/19/2013


McAfee Web Gateway


When you attempt to connect to a secure (HTTPS) site, you see the following error:

     Connect Not Allowed
     Web Gateway was not allowed to CONNECT to port XXXX.


By default, Web Gateway only allows HTTPS connections to web servers using the default port of 443. If users require access a secure site that uses a non-standard port, you must configure Web Gateway to allow the requests.


To configure HTTPS ports on Web Gateway:

For Web Gateway 6.x:
  1. Navigate to Proxies, HTTP Proxy.
  2. Add a new entry for the required port in the Ports allowed for CONNECT requests text box.

    NOTE: This is a comma-separated list. Ensure that you add a comma before the new port. Do not add a space after the comma. For additional assistance, refer to the attached screenshot (MWG_6_Ports.jpg).

    Ports allowed for CONNECT requests: 443,447,449
  3. Save the changes.

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