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Product Statement on the use of VMware with the Endpoint Encryption Management Server
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Last Modified:  5/19/2015


McAfee Endpoint Encryption Manager 5.1.7 (build 5500) and later


NOTE: McAfee Endpoint Encryption Build 5500 was the first release to be branded with the new McAfee product name. Endpoint Encryption was formerly known as SafeBoot.


Product Management Statement

McAfee has received many questions regarding the support for running the Endpoint Encryption Manager and Database Server on a VMware computer, either running on an ESX Server or other flavors of VMware. We realize that customers may wish to use VMware products to potentially save on infrastructure costs.

Virtual Servers
McAfee Endpoint Encryption Manager can be run from a virtual server for lower numbers of endpoints. McAfee recommends physically dedicated hardware for high numbers of endpoints.

Performance of virtual systems is dependent on many factors that can significantly affect the overall product performance when compared to physically dedicated hardware. High‐speed access to the data within the Object Directory is required and must be carefully considered and evaluated in a virtual server environment.

Current testing of virtual servers running Endpoint Encryption for PC (EEPC) operates within a set number of database objects. McAfee’s experience shows that performance issues arising from the use of Virtual Servers is a result of:
  • Lack of resources dedicated to the virtual server.
  • Dynamically assigned resources to the virtual server which starves it of the necessary performance during peak periods.
  • Slow or reduced disk access, resulting in a slower access to the Object Directory.
McAfee supports the use of virtual servers running the administrative functionality of EEPC provided the appropriate resources are fully dedicated to the virtual server at all times. If performance problems are experienced, the resources available to the virtual server need to be increased. Please refer to the recommended server specifications as the minimum resources fully assigned to the virtual server at all times in the Best Practices guide for Endpoint Encryption. These resources apply to the specific image, and not to the overall resources of the host.

Customers need to follow the recommendations of McAfee Support and raise a support ticket for the issues related to a virtual server. These recommendations can vary from tweaking of server and machine settings as specified in this guide, all the way to moving the EEPC management environment to physical hardware as a last resort if necessary.

McAfee professional services will assist you in adequately scoping your deployment hardware needs and can recommend a best practices approach.
As the technology is evolving and better VM farms are coming online, virtual hardware support for greater numbers should be possible.

This will be reviewed for the next major release (version 6.0 ePO integrated).

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