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McAfee Support Notification Service (SNS) Frequently Asked Questions
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What is the Support Notification Service (SNS)?
SNS is a proactive communications offering. It allows all corporate customer contacts — Gold and Platinum — to opt-in and receive important information they need to maximize the functionality and protection capabilities of their McAfee products. The service is available by subscription via the SNS Subscription Center.

Who can sign up for SNS?
SNS was created for McAfee corporate customers, but is also available to McAfee partners and McAfee employees.

How do I subscribe?
Go to the SNS Subscription Center and opt-in to SNS by completing and submitting the preference form.

Can I opt out after I've opted in?
Yes. Go to the SNS Subscription Center and unsubscribe. The option is near the bottom of the form.

Is there a charge to receive SNS information?
No. SNS is a free, value-add email service for all subscribers.

Is there a limit to how many account contacts can sign up?
No. SNS customer contacts are not limited to the number of authorized account contacts. However, you should be accurate when you define your primary role with regarding McAfee products in your environments.

How will I receive information?
The communication method for all subscribers is email for standard notices. If you provide a valid cell/mobile phone number, you will be sent ALERT communications by text message in addition to email.

I am receiving SNS messages from snssecure.mcafee.com - is this a phishing attack?
IMPORTANT: On January 24th, 2012, McAfee SNS moved to a new domain (snssecure.mcafee.com). Previously, SNS shared a domain with other McAfee departments, but now has its own dedicated domain. This will allow greater efficiency, flexibility, and services in the future. Communication from snssecure.mcafee.com are genuine and are not phishing or spam. If you have any questions, email sns@mcafee.com.

Warning notices were sent to all SNS registered subscribers during the period January 24th - February 3rd, 2012 with details about the changes.

Why are my messages from snssecure.mcafee.com being classed as spam?
IMPORTANT: Because SNS has changed to a new domain, your email systems might not recognize this domain as genuine email from McAfee, and mark the email as potential spam. Therefore, it is important that you whitelist snssecure.mcafee.com and mcafeeincsns@en25.com as soon as possible, so that you do not have any interruption with your SNS service. If you have any questions, email sns@mcafee.com.

Who is Eloqua and why do some SNS communications show an Eloqua domain address?
Eloqua is a third-party company (and also the name of their software system) used by SNS to distribute email. Although Eloqua is commonly used as a marketing tool for running campaigns, measurement and lead nurturing, the core of the system — its database, interface (for email and hypersites/subscription page creation), and distribution plus bounceback management — is being used more frequently for serious technical communications programs - such as SNS.

Why do I see header information from mcafeeincsns@en25.com in SNS messages?
en25.com — is an Eloqua address that pushes McAfee SNS email. You can see more info on it via McAfee SiteAdvisor at http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/en25.com/summary/.

I have heard that Eloqua is spyware - is that true?
Eloqua (http://www.eloqua.com/) as used by SNS is not spyware. Eloqua is a premier vendor used by many organizations including McAfee Marketing. SNS makes use of Eloqua but via a separate database — it is not connected to McAfee systems.

What kind of information will I receive, and how frequently?
McAfee SNS provides the following types of information:

  • Product Advisories — includes Notices (standard product news and updates sent the same day), and Alerts (critical and urgent information requiring immediate action). Sent as required.
  • Weekly Roundup — provides all product news for the last 7 days in one weekly email (Thursdays CT).
  • SNS Journals — practical newsletter editions featuring product troubleshooting, new technology, malware trends, and security best practices. Usually sent monthly.
Will McAfee use the subscriber list for marketing purposes?
No. SNS subscriptions through the Support Subscription Center are separate from all other McAfee opt-in lists, and will not be used for marketing purposes. Your other McAfee newsletter or blog subscriptions are completely separate.

Do Platinum customers have to subscribe?
No. However, McAfee strongly encourages all customers, regardless of their Support level, to subscribe to SNS.

Will Platinum customers still get separate Platinum Proactives from their SAMs?
Yes, at this time. The goal, however, is to review the efficiency, effectiveness, and consistency of the Platinum Proactive process to determine if these communications should be rolled into the SNS process.

Can I have my IT service provider get SNS notifications?
Yes. Direct your service provider to the SNS Subscription Center and ask them to complete the form. A company can use a distribution list or special email address (support@xxxx.com) to ensure those technicians on call get the message, or it goes to multiple people.

What products are included in the SNS Service?
All McAfee products fall into one of the categories listed. If information news, or updates are generated, it will be included in the Notice for the appropriate category. If there is uncertainty as to which category your product falls in, email sns@mcafee.com.

Does SNS use Transport Layer Security?
Currently, SNS does not use Transport Layer Security (TLS). TLS continues to be on the overall roadmap but there is no ETA for deployment. For Eloqua TLS email security information, go to http://www.eloqua.com/trust/Security.html. Also, Eloqua recently became ISO27001 certified(https://www.brightline.com/ISOCertificate/dvSyGKSeQVCQ), and therefore some customers are willing to exempt Eloqua Ip addresses from their TLS requirement.


Subscription Form

How secure is the subscription form?
McAfee provides the following SNS subscriber security:
  • SSL certification of the subscription site for secure data transmission
  • Secure access for returning subscribers, with identity confirmation and email validation if cookies are absent
  • SNS maintains a separate database from McAfee customer account data

How is my SNS Subscription form pre-populated?
The SNS Subscription Center is prepopulated by User email and password verification.
What are the available product/information categories?

Application & Change Control Email & Web Protection Security as a Service (SaaS)
Advanced Threat Defense Firewall Site Advisor Enterprise
Database Security Host IPS SIEM (Security Info & Event Mgmt)
Data Loss Prevention Asset Manager VirusScan
Endpoint Encryption Vulnerability Manager DAT Delays
Enterprise Mobility Mgmt Network Security Malware & Threat Reports
ePolicy Orchestrator Policy Auditor  

What is the 'ALERT Only' option?
You can select the 'ALERTS Only' category option if you want to receive only critical product information, not regular technical operations information.

Do I have to submit my phone numbers to subscribe to SNS?
No. You do not have to input your cell/mobile or work phone numbers. However, if you want to receive ALERT communications via text message, then you must submit a valid cell/mobile phone number.

What do the abbreviations in the Geographic Location field mean?
McAfee divides its global operations into these geographic regions:
APAC Asia, Pacific
EMEA Europe, Middle East, Africa
JPN Japan
LTAM Latin America
NA North America


Email Messages

What is an ALERT?
An ALERT contains critical information that requires immediate attention. For example, vulnerabilities, false positives, virus outbreaks, or critical remediation updates. ALERTS are distributed immediately.

What is a Notice?
A Notice contains important product information. For example, patch releases, changes, enhancements, or End of Life statements. Notices are distributed as required.

What is the Weekly Roundup?
The Weekly Roundup is a digest of ALERTS and Notices sent in the previous seven days. For secondary products, the information might be published only in the weekly Roundup, and not in a Notice. The Weekly Roundup is published on Thursdays.

What are DAT Delay Notices?
McAfee Labs provides DAT files at 19:00 UTC daily. If there is an issue that causes the daily DAT file to be delayed, McAfee will send a Delay Notice via SNS.

NOTE: SNS is only responsible for distributing DAT Delay Notices. To subscribe to daily DATs email, go to https://secure.mcafee.com/apps/mcafee-labs/dat-notification-signup.aspx.

Text and Phone Messages

How can I get text messages from SNS?
Text messages are sent in the event of an ALERT. To activate this service, go to the SNS Subscription Center, fill in the mobile phone field and test your phone number. If you receive the test message and validate it successfully, you will automatically receive text messages in the event of an SNS ALERT. 

NOTE: Text messages are not used for standard Notices.

How do I stop receiving text messages?
To stop receiving text messages, go to your subscription page and delete you cell/mobile phone number.

What text messages can I expect to receive?
SNS sends text messages for ALERTS only.

Why is it important to give you my cell/mobile phone number?
During a critical event, SNS sends text messages as well as email to subscribers (provided they have correctly added their cell/mobile phone numbers on their subscription form).

In a recent incident, email servers were affected. Therefore, some SNS subscribers did not receive the ALERT email. Those subscribers who added their cell/mobile phone numbers did receive the text message ALERT. (NOTE: ALERT situations are less than three percent of all SNS sends. When they are triggered, immediate action is required.)
IMPORTANT: Adding your cell/mobile phone number will act a failsafe in the event you cannot receive an email ALERT.
How to add yourself to the text message ALERT list:
  1. Go to the SNS Subscription Center Login page at: http://snssecure.mcafee.com/content/signup_login and login.
    1. If you have forgotten your key, click Forgot/Reset Security Key.
    2. Type your email address and Request Type, and click Submit. A new security key will be generated and sent to your email address (allow 30 minutes).
    3. Open the email and click the SNS Subscription Center link.
    4. Log in using your email address and new security key.
  2. Add or change your cell phone number.
  3. Review your subscription preferences.
  4. Change your security key.

Look for the validation text message (allow up to 60 minutes) and respond with Yes to validate your number. If you have any SNS questions, contact sns@mcafee.com.

I can't seem to verify my mobile number. Will I get ALERT messages?
That depends. In the event of an ALERT, McAfee SNS sends text messages to both verified and unverified numbers. However, to ensure your cell/mobile phone number actually will receive these messages, it is important to test and verify.

I am not receiving text messages - what's wrong?
Although McAfee SNS ensures text messages are sent successfully, sometimes there are reasons outside of our control that can prevent text message delivery including, local carrier issues, blocked numbers, unsupported carriers, and national regulations.If you are not receiving SNS text messages, contact MB WW SNS Support, and we will investigate your issue.

Does SNS support Google Voice?
Effective February 2012, SNS now supports Google Voice.

Does SNS support pagers?
SNS does not support pager messaging. McAfee suggests that you sign up for SNS cell/mobile phone text messaging instead.
NOTE: Text messaging is used during ALERT events only.

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