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Web Gateway: Network connection lost after configuring a bridge
Technical Articles ID:   KB69084
Last Modified:  7/29/2019


McAfee Web Gateway (MWG)


After trying to configure a bridge in the user interface at Configuration, Network, eth?, Advanced, Bridge Enabled, Web Gateway loses connection to the network. No access is possible, either through the user interface or SSH.


The problem is most likely that the bridge has been configured only for those interfaces that have an associated IP address to connect to the network. By setting up the bridge, the IP addresses are removed from these devices. If no devices with valid IP configurations remain, the network connection is lost.


The only way to recover is to get physical access to the Appliance.
  • When running on VMware, you can use the Console from within the VMware Client.
  • When running on native hardware, you need to get physical access either locally (with keyboard and monitor attached) or via serial line.
  1. Log on with the root account.
  2. Stop Web Gateway by executing:
    /etc/init.d/mwg stop
  3. Find the currently active configuration by executing:
    cat /opt/mwg/storage/active_configuration
    Write down the result.
  4. Find the UUID of the affected device by executing:
    dmidecode | grep UUID
    Write down the result.
  5. Enter the folder containing the latest configuration, and within this folder, find the configuration that is responsible for the local appliance (identified by the UUID):
    cd /opt/mwg/storage/<timestamp of most recent configuration>/global/<UUID>/cfg/
  6. Edit the file:
    vi com.scur.engine.appliance.network.configuration.xml
  7. Search for bridge. You will find a directive that sets bridge to true for the interfaces you selected when activating the bridge. Set this option to false.
  8. Save your changes.
  9. Reboot the Appliance by running the reboot command.
After the reboot completes, all IP addresses will be restored.

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