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Understanding Exclusions in High-Risk/Low-Risk profiles
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Last Modified:  5/9/2016


McAfee VirusScan Enterprise (VSE) 8.x


If you add an exclusion to either the High-Risk or Low-Risk profile, it will be excluded from scanning only if it is being accessed by one of the processes/applications included in the list of processes defined in the corresponding profile. Therefore, the exclusion would not apply to processes and/or applications that would be scanned using the default profile.

  • If you have a custom built application that you trust entirely, and which accesses a specific file repeatedly, you could place that application in the Low-Risk profile and exclude the accessed file from scanning under the Low-Risk profile.

  • If the excluded file is later accessed via Internet Explorer, access will be scanned because Internet Explorer is not defined as the low-risk process with the exclusion for that file. Exclusions in risk groups work only if these match up with the processes already defined in the same risk group.

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