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EOL for Solidcore 3.7
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McAfee Solidcore 3.7


There have been two major versions of Solidcore (v5.0 and v5.1) since Solidcore 3.7, therefore the following variants of Solidcore 3.7 will not be supported beyond September 30th, 2011:
  • Application Control 3.7 and earlier
  • Change Control 3.7 and earlier
  • Integrity Monitor for Servers 3.7 and earlier
  • Integrity Monitor for Databases 3.7 and earlier
  • Integrity Monitor for Network Devices 3.7 and earlier
  • Change Reconciliation 3.7 and earlier
  • POS Check & Control (all versions)
Between now and September 30th, 2011, only limited support will be provided (in other words, only bugfixes will be provided but no FMRs/PERs will be added).

Additionally, the following variant of Solidcore 3.7 will not be supported beyond April 1st, 2012:
  • PCI Pro (all versions)

Solidcore 3.7 components
Solidcore 3.7 had three components which had their own specific versions:
  • Analytics Server 3.7
  • System Controller 2.7
  • Solidifier 4.9
NOTE: The End of Life (EOL) applies to all the versions indicated above. For certain uncommon situations, the Analytics Server and the System Controller are still required for a few more months (situations outlined in section below).

Platforms reaching EOL
The following platforms will not be supported beyond September 30th, 2011:
  • HPUX 11.00 
  • AIX 5.2
  • AS400 v5/v6
Migration Procedure
Solidcore 3.7 used a management console called the Analytics Server, whereas Solidcore 5.x uses a McAfee management console called ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO). Migrating the data and configuration from 3.7 to 5.x is not straightforward because the architecture is completely different. However, a Migration Guide (PD22884) is available that provides a high-level overview of the steps required to transfer the data and the configuration. Professional Services will be able to alleviate some of the inconvenience related to the migration process.

NOTE: McAfee is fully aware of the inconvenience this can cause to our customers and our support team is committed to help as much as possible.

Solidcore Product Mapping

Old Version Migrate to Comments
Application Control 3.7 Application Control 5.1
Change Control 3.7 Change Control 5.1
Integrity Monitor for Servers 3.7 Change Control 5.1 (Free upgrade) 
1. Migration to ePO 4.x based management is documented.
2. Involves several manual steps.
3. Simpler if events data are not migrated.
POS Check & Control Integrity Control 5.1 
PCI Pro (all versions) Change Control 5.1 (Discounted upgrade) 
Integrity Monitor for Databases 3.7 Integrity Monitor for Databases 4.0
1. New version requires a new Database Security console and has partial ePO integration.
2. The Database change tracking methodology is completely different.
Integrity Monitor for Network Devices 3.7 Integrity Monitor for Network Devices
1. 5.1 is not managed through Analytics Server nor ePO. It is a separate console with an embedded database.
2. There is no upgrade path. Product needs to be re-installed.
Change Reconciliation 3.7 Change Reconciliation 5.1
1. Combination of Analytics Server & ePO will be needed.
2. 5.2 (Q3 2011) will not require the Analytics Server.

  • Solidcore 5.0 is supported on ePO 4.0 & 4.5.
  • Solidcore 5.1 is supported on ePO 4.5.

For details on how to migrate to Solidcore 5.1, see: PD22884.

For EOL and EOS lifecycle details, see the McAfee Product and Technology Support Lifecycle page at: http://www.mcafee.com/us/support/support-eol.aspx.
For EOL and EOS policy details, see the Enterprise Products End of Life Policy at: http://www.mcafee.com/common/media/mcafeeb2b/support/terms/Support_Policy-Product_Support_EOL.pdf.


End of Support (EOS) Notification The notification that establishes when the discontinued product will no longer have General Availability. EOS Notification begins the EOL process.
End of Life (EOL) Period The EOL Period refers to the timeframe beginning with the day that McAfee notifies its intentions to discontinue a product until the last date that the product is formally supported. In general, after the EOL Period is announced, product enhancements are not made.
End of Support The last day that the product is supported according the terms of McAfee’s standard support offering.

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