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Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0 tray icon does not display if the McAfee Agent tray icon is not configured to do so
Technical Articles ID:   KB70943
Last Modified:  7/13/2018


McAfee Agent (MA) 5.0, 4.8
McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 5.x
McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention (Host IPS) 8.0


If the MA tray icon is configured to not display within the Agent policy, the Host IPS 8.0 tray icon is also removed. No single standalone tray icon displays.


Host IPS 8.0 has been upgraded to the newer McTray plugin version, which is also used by MA 4.8 and later. 


This behavior is as designed.

To configure MA to display the Host IPS icon in the ePO system tray, do the following:
  1. Log on to the ePO console.
  2. Click Menu, Policy, Policy Catalog.
  3. Select McAfee Agent from the Product drop-down.
  4. Click Edit Settings under the Actions column for the Agent policy.
  5. Select Show the McAfee system tray icon (Windows only).
  6. Click Save.
  7. Verify the Host IPS 8.0 tray icon displays:
    1. Right-click the McAfee Agent icon in the system tray.
    2. Select the option for the Intrusion Prevention to open the console.

      Both the MA and the Host IPS client must be set to display an icon for this access.

      If the McAfee Agent icon does not appear in the system tray, there is no access to Host IPS with a system tray icon, even though the client may be set to display a tray icon.

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