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Tips for using ePO Software Manager
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Last Modified:  6/11/2019


McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 5.x


Here are some tips regarding the ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) Software Manager:

Symptom Definition Concern / Additional Information
Status displays Up to Date When the first component is checked in for a Product (either the package or the extension), the Status column changes to Up to Date. If the Help extension is the only component checked in for a product, the product will display under the Checked In Software Product Category with a Status of Up to Date even though the package or product extension is not checked in.
Available Version field displays text in red (non-bold) When the Available Version field displays version numbers in red (non-bold) text, there is a newer version available. A newer version is available, but not an update to the currently checked-in version.
Available Version field displays text in red (bold) When the Available Version column displays in bold red text, there is an update available for the version that is currently checked in.  
Status count of Updates Available The Status field counts the bold red updates. These are updates to the version checked in.  
Product Categories - Updates Available count The Updates Available count under Product Categories is a count of how many products have updated versions available for the products the user has checked in.  
Additional Check In Details - Unknown distribution type Unknown distribution type displays when a package is not flagged as being Licensed or Evaluation. When the package is flagged, it also displays on the Master Repository page in the Distribution Type column (for example, Rogue System Sensor displays with a Distribution Type of Licensed in the Master Repository).
Download link is the only Action option when newer version is available You are not able to update components to a newer version when viewing the older version of the Product. The only option available is to download the file and manually install. For example, when viewing McAfee Agent (MA) 5.0.x, the Management Extension does not have an Update link under the Actions column. This is because you cannot update to MA 5.0.x from the MA 4.8 page. Instead, find the MA 5.0.x page and the Update link should be available there.
Other type files Other type files can only be downloaded. These types of files include documentation, full installs, utilities, etc. The Software Manager does not track when or what was downloaded with these file types, so the Checked In Version column will never be filled in for these file types.
Actions Check In vs. Check In (branch) When the Action Check In displays, that package is not currently in the Master Repository.  When the action "Check In (branch)" displays, a package is already in the Master Repository.  Clicking this action will allow the user to select a different branch to check in the package. This does not replace the already checked-in package.
Action - Update The Update action will replace the checked-in version with the Available Version. This action does not allow you to choose the branch.
Check In All Check In All button only checks in components that are not already checked in. This does not update components that have updates available.  If one fails, the remaining will fail to download and check in to ePO.
Update All Update All will only update packages and extensions that have a newer build available. This will not download and check in components that have never been checked in.  If one fails, the remainder will fail to download and check in to ePO.
Language Filter The Language Filter will change what Components are displaying.  
Product listings The list of products available in Software Manager. The Software Manager only lists products that are compatible with the installed version of ePO.

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