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ePolicy Orchestrator installation and update checklist for known issues
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Last Modified:  9/26/2019


McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 5.x
Pre-Installation Auditor (PIA)

NOTE: Pre-Installation Auditor tool was previously known as the Installation and Upgrade Precheck tool.


The following is a checklist for known issues with full product installations and updates for ePO.

IMPORTANT: You must follow each step in this document exactly as it appears, to reduce the chance of an upgrade or migration failure.


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  • See the supported upgrade paths for ePO
    See KB51569 for a list of supported upgrade paths.
  • See the product or update release notes for new features
    Click here for a list of ePO release notes.
  • See the product or update known issues articles
    To understand both general known issues and upgrade-related known issues, review all relevant articles. Click here for a list of ePO known issues articles.
  • Back up your ePO server
    For information, see KB66616 and follow the steps in the Backing up the ePO server section.

Download and run the PIA tool on the ePO server. The PIA tool is available both on the product download page, and the software catalog within the ePO console, under the ePO section.

  • If the tool flags any errors, these errors must be addressed before you proceed with the upgrade
  • Warnings must also be addressed if possible
  • All informational messages must be reviewed
The chart below contains a list of all checks that the tool makes for either:
  • If for some reason you can't use the PIA tool
  • If you would like a preview of what the tool does
Links to articles are included with further details below, so that you can manually conduct the check.
Check Name Article
Operating System support KB51569
Hardware requirements KB91359
Pending file rename operations KB91441
McAfee ePO services KB91442
Open handles on McAfee ePO files and folders KB91468
Pending McAfee ePO server tasks KB91471
Pending Windows tasks KB91472
Windows updates KB91473
Recommendation: SHA-2 support KB87017
McAfee ePO server SSL parameter KB91815
Database user permissions KB75766
Large database tables KB79561, KB68961
SQL Server Express Edition size limit KB68961, KB51569
SQL Server database recovery model KB91816
Database AutoClose connection setting KB91469
SQL Server Browser Service status KB91477
SQL Server connection encryption status KB91822
Database query cursor threshold KB86256
Database compatibility level KB91478
Arithmetic Abort Enabled KB91479
SQL Server and database collation KB73717
Database index fragmentation KB67184 1
SQL Server disk space KB79561
Supported TLS protocols for SQL Server communication KB91823
Database replication KB91824
Database mirroring status KB86152
Database High Availability/Disaster Recovery
1 NOTE: This article is viewable only by registered ServicePortal users.

Eliminate unprocessed events:
  • Make sure that the DB\Events folder (including Debug) is empty or has minimal events stored before the upgrade
  • During the upgrade, this folder is scanned. If more than 10,000 events exist that are not processed yet, it interrupts the upgrade with a pop-up message stating:

    This ePolicy Orchestrator server has more than 10,000 unprocessed events

    NOTE: The above, might cause the upgrade process to take an exceptionally long amount of time.

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