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ePO Database Sizing to manage Application Control and Change Control 6.x hosts
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Last Modified:  4/18/2016


McAfee Application Control 6.x
McAfee Change Control 6.x


This article helps you estimate the amount of database storage you require when deploying McAfee Solidcore extension. This information can help you determine the hardware needs for your organization.

The Database Sizing Guide attached to this article is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that assists you in computing the database size requirements for a host configuration. You can input the events traffic generated from a single host to estimate database size required for ePO to properly manage the Application Control and Change Control 6.x events.

Database sizing
The amount of database storage you require mainly depends on the following factors:

  • Dynamic data
    Factors affecting ePO Database size:
    • Events
    • Inventory
    • Content Change Tracking
  • The calculation is based on 25 events per day or per host. For Application Control, expected event traffic is five events per day on a host.
  • Static data calculation is assumed to be once for the lifetime of the product.
  • Size of user created policies is negligible and does not affect the disk space calculations during dynamic data size calculation.


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