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Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders 3.2.7 Resolved Issues
Technical Articles ID:  KB73372
Last Modified:  11/18/2014


McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders 3.2.7


Release to World (RTW): November 11, 2011

Resolved Issues

Defect ID Article Short description
527494   Failed to Restore encrypted file from Recycle Bin.
528179   Removable media cannot be protected by Endpoint Encryption for Removable Media (EERM) in Windows 64-bit operating systems.
531469 With RAID On, the iastore.sys controller by-passes the EEFF encryption policy.
550243   With cset to 'False', the user can still encrypt/decrypt object on network shares.
550267   EEFF application stability issues in Windows 7 64-bit.
551453   System Stop Error on accessing any file over Remote Desktop with EEFF installed.
554394   System stop error when a RW-CD is erased on a EEFF client system using ROXIO 10.3.
580648 KB71596 File corruption when moving a file between two local disks in the same physical computer when using CTRL+X and CTRL+V.
653333   System Stop Error when accessing a 640 MB Magneto-Optical drive encrypted by EEFF removable media encryption.
653565   Error opening Microsoft Excel 2007 files on a NetApp filer.
696037   EEFF keys are not received at the client end.
696519   Localization [German]: EEFF Help contains unlocalized help page titles in the Contents tab.
699450   User can cut (CTRL+X) and paste (CTRL+V) encrypted folders on a Windows share in 64-bit system without having the encryption key.
532546   DFS share problems with encrypted files when closing down the network.
654433   User Account Control (UAC) in Microsoft Vista (and Microsoft Windows 7) allows a user to by-pass EERM initialization.
654744   Error when accessing network links to a NetApp filer.
536129   Issues with EERM initialization in non-admin accounts.
659705   EERM certificate authentication does not work when certificate resides on a Setec card.
555233   Documentation change of verbiage in the EEFF 3.2.5 Admin Guide.
527161   Unloading Local Keys without a Windows logoff and re logon for a newly created Local Key does not work.
528198   EEFF removable media policy encrypts mfeeerm.exe when present in an unprotected folder of the EERM protected media.
530544   Cannot delete a folder after folder encryption because of .cekey file.
534983   Using the Explorer "Back" button on a network share results in an application freeze in the presence of Host Data Loss Prevention (Host DLP).
535570   EERM initialization stops responding for USB sticks protected by EEFF regular encryption on Windows 7 64-bit.
552995   Host DLP compatibility: Application based tag is lost on copying an encrypted tagged file on a network for office application files.
553005   Host DLP compatibility: Removable storage protection rule is violated on saving tagged file on EEFF encrypted media.
557524   ePO deployment of fails as pkgCatalog.xml points to incorrect executable.
558029   Memory issues with EEFF processes.
567179   Localization [All Lang]: Client strings are truncated when working with Local Keys GUI.
621584   With policy 'Require authentication for listing' enabled, a Windows 7 32 bit system stops responding if an encrypted folder is accessed with keys unloaded.
642101   With the Windows Driver verifier enabled, a system Stop Error happens if a removable media is manually unplugged during Windows athentication.
651699   Windows Explorer frequently stops responding on Windows Vista 32-bit systems.
655026   EERM dumps all files to device root. In other words, any pre-existing folder structure is lost when initializing a device with EERM and keeping existing data.
687935   Files are decrypted when cutting/pasting from a policy-encrypted folder to any other location.
527495   An error message appears when entering new credentials after performing a certificate based recovery in EERM.
531478   The burning process through Mastered formatting displays wrong information on applying "do not allow writing to CD" policy.
532408   Encrypted files on network show <plaintext> as key under the "Encryption" tab.
548744   New CD/DVD encryption policies are not applied at the client end once "Make CDs and DVDs read only" policy is applied.
558295   Localization [All Lang]: EEFF Category names are not localized.
562349   Localization [French]: Colon incorrectly wrapped to next line.
576408   Accessing a document library in MS SharePoint via Windows Explorer view is not possible with EEFF installed.
619580   Local key authentication is prompted on applying new folder/file encryption policy.
658767   Host DLP Compatibility: When applying an e-mail protection rule for only 'Not Encrypted' attachment types, then e-mail rule works. for all types of attachment types (SBA and Self Extractor).
670863   User can embed a new file inside existing file bypassing "Make unprotected files and folder read only" EERM policy using NTFS data stream.
673229   Host DLP Compatibility: Removable Storage Protection Rule with 'Block' rule is violated and tagged files can be copied to media after initializing the media with EERM.
653946   On Windows 7 64-bit, the Windows 'Copy' process hangs when copying an encrypted folder to a network share when the 'Enable network encryption ' is unchecked.
584872   User can explicitly encrypt/decrypt a subfolder even if user doesn't have the key with which folder was encrypted.
626074   User is not able to create a MS Word document in the unprotected part of EERM media in presence of a file encryption policy.
637701   A system error message 'System can't find the files specified' appears when copying encrypted data from a USB device to the Desktop.
645320   An encrypted file is decrypted as soon as the file is copied to an external hard disk (NTFS formatted with read-only permissions).
645645   Users can bypass the write protection applied along with EERM protection for removable media.
532550   The EERM initialization dialog shows wrong info about the amount of stored data on device.
548770   The Windows built-in CD/DVD burner throws wrong message while appending a plaintext CD with the encryption policy applied.
550903   Can I copy/paste on (large) files before they are fully extracted from the EERM container?
551251   Encryption fails on Local disks over Remote Desktop Sessions (RDP).
554654   Encrypted data successfully gets written to a CD/DVD despite canceling the authentication.
562152   System stops responding while running blocked executables from a USB device when the USB is accessed via UNC path.
585787   No error message is given when performing 'Change authentication' from certificate to password, even if certificate doesn't meet the required key usage.
587177 KB72151 Users are able to create files in unprotected part of EERM when the device is NTFS formatted originally.
593808   Devices and Printers dialog fails to load on Windows 7.
610609 KB69520 A Microsoft PowerPoint file encrypted as a Self-Extractor cannot be opened if PowerPoint is already opened.
617583   Files are not copied to the removable device after initializing it with EERM when the device is originally NTFS formatted.
621760   EEFF is not able to recognize unrevoked certificates in EEFF applications (user local keys and EERM protection).
625055   Multiple users are not able to work on the same encrypted Microsoft Access database file.
628263   Modified content on the floppy disk is not showing on different EEFF computer.
632124   Microsoft Office applications stops responding when trying to save a file that has been encrypted.
635102   System Stop Error are randomly occurring on systems with both EEFF & EEPC 6.0.2 installed.
639360   Imported User Local Key doesn't decrypt files encrypted by it, nor can it be used to encrypt any file.
641221   Shortcuts on a network location can be encrypted but result in file corruption.
642344   User is not able to open encrypted files even if he has provided key store authentication.
643556   The MfeEERM.exe application stops responding during the EERM recovery process when setting ExemptNonRemovable=1 in registry.
644541   Nothing is prompted on selecting 'Properties' for a CD drive after burning an encrypted multi session CD.
644669   Localization [German]: The logon interface appears partly in English although everything is running in German.
645733   For EERM, a user cannot access a new folder created inside an existing folder present in the protected part of media in offsite mode.
646224   Encrypted files cannot be moved from one location to another.
649242   Local Key wizard texts needs to be amended.
655370   'sbcesetup -uninstall' can remove the whole Uninstall branch from the Registry.
657618   Host DLP Compatibility: Tag loss on explicitly encrypting [context menu encrypt option] a tagged file.
658121   An (.sks) file gets encrypted when copied to encrypted removable media. This causes the Windows Explorer to stop responding.
658487   System Stop Error encountered when doing 'Save As...' in MSPAINT.exe.
659261   System Stop Error happens randomly on Windows Vista 32-bit systems when accessing certain network shares.
661794   Random system Stop Errors happens for mfeeerm.sys when forcing ejection of regular encrypted media with the Windows Driver Verifier enabled.
669400   Incorrect file count when using 'Dir.exe' when EEFF 3.2.6 is installed on a file server.
670317   Encrypted file sent through 'Attach encrypted to email' is decrypted when unpacked to location on local system.
671286   An (.sks) file is created despite the key store creation fails.
672106   'Automatic create default local key prompt' is displayed even if user has already created default local key.
675080   Maruo software returns different results on search action on a network share.
685374   When cutting/pasting on a plain text file to a folder that has an encrypted file with the same filename, the content is not overwritten with the new content.
689920   Localization [French]: Unlocalized string in Client , Change Authentication dialog.
694391 KB72592 The time stamp is six hours ahead of correct time when writing to a USB drive encrypted with EERM.
697103   The 'SBCEcoreservice.exe' stops responding on Windows 7 when shutting down.
705829   Encrypted file sent through "Attach encrypted to email" gets decrypted when unpacked to any location whether on local system or on network share.
713535   Files are not shown when copied directly into a symbolic link.
537255   Incorrect copyright information.
564506   The 'Recover' option in the EERM authentication dialog doesn't get disabled when no recovery option is selected for EERM.
614764   Self-Extractor file name changes when copying to EEFF systems with the registry setting 'ExemptNonRemovable' enabled.
644533   (.cekey) file should not be copied while copying folder on network share when network encryption is disabled.
661372   Unable to open encrypted file on floppy disk.
671464   Error 'Catastrophic failure' happens when copying 'My Documents' from the 'Documents' library to another location.
706113   Local Key store gets deleted from Removable media once Removable media gets filled.
550151   Files copied to the root of a Windows Vista 32-bit computer renders error message 'Access denied'.
653719   EERM initialization prompt icon shows as unknown file type in taskbar instead of 'M' icon.
653816   Right click on encrypted CD/DVD drive does not result in anything with keys unloaded.
565878   User is not able to perform local key operation on a removable device until and unless the user has a local key store.
536326   Incorrect encryption key shown under encryption tab if keys are unloaded.
548052   Current activities do not show up in the 'Show Status' screen.
564438   EEFF application crash when a user (who has been denied access) tries to access a Self-Extractor.
582613   Localization [Japanese]: 'Unload All Keys' is mistranslated.
616129   Drop down box in the encryption tab of a file is unavailable after selecting the key.
621753   Explicit encrypt/decrypt option is available for the Program Files folder on Windows 64-bit platforms.
644425   With a file extension encryption policy is applied for Microsoft Word documents, the user is still able to save Word files despite keys are unloaded.
649335   Version test fails for MfeEERM.sys.
675214   'Automatic creation of local key' prompt comes up before keys and policy for user loads.
527192   The Self-Tests leads to SbCe application crash on Windows 7 64-bit.
577974   For EERM recovery, the answer field goes blank if the string entered is very long.
643684   Authentication to local key store fails if password being used for protection includes spaces at beginning.
537316   'Keep both files' option is not available to the user when copying a file in a folder already having a file with the same name on network shares.
640396   'Repeat' password field is not locked for editing during the EERM initialization.
642289   Context menu 'Paste' option remains enabled even after performing 'Paste' for a data which has been 'Cut'.
646335   Windows message to scan and fix the inserted media appears when using an EERM protected device on a Windows 7 computer.
671178   Double clicking an (.sba) file without any presence of the right key does not give any relevant user information.
677756   McAfee logo absent for the Shell Command Interpreter in 'Open with...' dialog.
695794   Inconsistent messages about 'Drive is encrypted by EERM' in the EERM initialization dialog.
677836  KB72196 SBCEcoreservice.exe - Application Error, when shutting down Windows XP.

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