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Support for adding custom indexes to the ePO database
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Last Modified:  4/8/2017


McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 5.x, 4.x


McAfee tries to ensure that product performance meets your needs by providing the necessary database indexes. Despite this, there may be instances where adding specific indexes to the ePO database will further improve performance. It is impossible to proactively ensure compatibility with every possible combination of additional indexes.

Therefore, it is entirely your responsibility to remove all custom-added indexes either during escalation as requested from Technical Support, or prior to installing Proof of Concept builds, hotfixes, patches, or new product versions that created the database tables being modified with your specific indexes. After you have applied the software upgrade, you can add your custom indexes back to the system if required.

There are performance trade-offs when adding indexes. For example, creating an index to improve dashboard display performance could reduce performance when inserting events into the database. It is your responsibility to rectify any performance issues introduced by adding custom indexes.


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