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End of Life and End of Sale for Endpoint Encryption for Mobile
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Last Modified:  03/26/2012


McAfee Endpoint Encryption Mobile (all versions)


This support statement is provided by the McAfee Product Management Team.

Date: February 27, 2012

This announcement is to inform McAfee customers using  the Endpoint Encryption for Mobile feature (sometimes referred to as McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Windows Mobile) about the End of Sale (EOS) and End of Life (EOL) policies and dates.

NOTE: Endpoint Encryption for Mobile was an extension to the McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC (EEPC) product and was targeted specifically at mobile devices running the Windows Mobile Operating System. Endpoint Encryption for Mobile was not a separate product and was not included on the McAfee Price Book.

EOL/EOS Endpoint Encryption for Mobile feature
Endpoint Encryption for Mobile will reach End of Sale and End of Life on July 16, 2013. As of this date technical support will no longer be provided for these versions by McAfee.

Moving forward for existing customers
For McAfee customers who still require protection and management for Mobile devices, McAfee recommends Enterprise Mobility Manager (EMM). While EMM is not a direct replacement of Endpoint Encryption for Mobile, it does offer a many advanced features across a wider variety of mobile platforms (including iOS and Android). EMM includes configuration and management through ePolicy Orchestrator. For more information about EMM, see:

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