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How to enable Email Gateway 7.x SMTP conversation logging
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Last Modified:  3/2/2016


McAfee Email Gateway (MEG) 7.x



Use the following steps to enable MEG 7.x SMTP conversation logging, which is especially useful for troubleshooting:
  1. Open the Appliance management console.
  2. Select Email, Email Configuration, Protocol Configuration, Connection Settings.
  3. Expand SMTP conversation logging.
  4. Select Enable SMTP conversation logging.
  • Enabling this feature logs SMTP conversations, allowing you to see how email has been processed.
  • You can view logs for individual messages in Message Search
  • Enabling this feature adversely affects performance for versions prior to MEG 7.5. Technical Support recommends turning this logging off when you have finished troubleshooting.
  • SMTP conversation logging is enabled by default in MEG 7.5 onwards. Improvements included in MEG 7.5 and later mean performance is unaffected when this logging is enabled. 


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