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Supported environments for AntiSpyware Enterprise on Microsoft Windows
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Last Modified:  09/09/2013


McAfee AntiSpyware Enterprise 8.7
McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i



AntiSpyware Enterprise
This article deals with AntiSpyware Enterprise (ASE) 8.7 as an add-on for VirusScan Enterprise (VSE) 8.7i. This is the final release of this software. New releases are incorporated with VSE.


  • From VSE 8.8, the AntiSpyware Enterprise module is no longer separate from VSE - it has been fully integrated into the product. You can enable or disable anti-spyware features using the standard methods.
  • A version of most of the following information is available in the relevant product installation guides and readme.txt files. However, the original McAfee product and installation guides are unlikely to reflect the most recent McAfee support policy for those platforms because Microsoft releases new operating systems or service packs on a regular basis.
  • This article aims to contain the latest information. Some of this is made available via linked Product Management statements, which are also published in the McAfee KnowledgeBase.
  • Support for operating system service packs is generally synchronized with these service packs being supported by their manufacturer.
  • McAfee updates the supportability information for each new Microsoft Windows operating system after this has been released to manufacturing and within 30 days of that release.


Compatibility with VSE

Product Add-on for Supported operating systems
 ASE 8.7 VSE 8.7i Identical to the main product (see KB51111)
 ASE 8.5 VSE 8.5i ASE 8.5 reached End of Life at the same time as the main product (VSE 8.5i.)

Latest available ASE 8.7 Patches

Product Patch version Release notes Comments
ASE 8.7
- PD20832 Reposted November 8, 2011 to include support for Windows XP Embedded.
Reposted October 1, 2009 to include support for Windows 7.
ASE 8.5


  ASE 8.5 reached End of Life (EOL) at the same time as the main product (VSE 8.5i.)


ASE release dates

Product Release Date (RTW) EOL/End of Sale (EOS) (matches VSE EOL/EOS dates)
ASE 8.7 September, 2008 EOS April 1, 2011*
ASE 8.7i is the final release of this software.

New releases are incorporated into the VSE product. McAfee strongly recommends you upgrade VSE to its latest version. McAfee will not provide support for product and its related components beyond the EOL date. The EOL date for ASE 8.7 is expected to coincide with the EOL for VSE 8.7i, which has not been set yet.
ASE 8.5 November, 2006 EOS April 1, 2011*
EOL December 31, 2011
ASE 8.0 August, 2004 EOS April 1, 2011*
EOL March 31, 2010


Supported Engine version(s)
Because of the risks involved in running an out of date and untested Engine, McAfee actively enforces an EOL policy for older Engines. This is done by disabling .DAT file updates for these Engines.

The Engine requirement matches that of the main product (VSE). See KB51111.

Product Engine(s) supported Comments
ASE 8.7 5400  
ASE 8.5 5400 ASE 8.5 reached EOL at the same time as the main product (VSE 8.5i.)

Hardware support
The hardware requirements match those of the main product (VSE). See KB51111.

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