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Malware W32/DistTrack - ExtraDAT, Stinger, and Emergency DAT release available
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Last Modified:  1/6/2016


Multiple McAfee Products


Intel Security is aware of a particularly malicious file infector that is causing blue screen errors on endpoints and is difficult to detect. While this malware seems to be a targeted attack, Intel Security strongly recommends that you increase your protection by applying the August 15, 2012 Emergency DAT Release (DAT 6805) which includes a generic detection for the dropper that starts the infection.

Intel Security has provided an ExtraDAT (W32DistTrack_Extra.zip) and a Stinger (W32DistTrack_Stinger.zip) for detection and removal of the dropper that starts the infection.

  • With DAT 6805 or greater in place, the ExtraDAT is not required.
  • These files are attached to this article. The password for W32DistTrack_Stinger.zip is mcafee123.
For more details about the threat, see PD23936.

Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) detects the known W32/DistTrack droppers when set to Medium. For information on enabling GTI in your McAfee product, see KB70130.

This article will be updated as new information becomes available.

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