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Last Modified:  3/15/2019


McAfee Anti-Virus Scanning Engine 6000
McAfee DAT files
McAfee Multiple Products


McAfee products use the following CommonUpdater Repositories:
FTP Sites
Effective May 31, 2019, the service provider that McAfee uses to host our FTP service will no longer provide FTP capabilities. For details, see KB91260.

HTTP Sites

The CommonUpdater sites use the following product package codes:
Product Code Description Product
amcordat1000 AMCore Content Package  Deep Defender (EOL)
amcordat2000 AMCore Content Package (V3 DAT) Endpoint Protection
Audit Engine Content 
Network Access Control
Policy Auditor
bocvse__1000 Buffer Overflow Content VirusScan Enterprise
dbsecdvmmeta DAM Rules Vulnerability Manager for Databases
dbsecdvmmeta DVM Checks Vulnerability Manager for Databases
encptcnt6000 HIPS Content Host Intrusion Prevention
endpcnt_1000 Endpoint Security Exploit Prevention Content Endpoint Security
findings Findings  
jticlientmeta Threat Intelligence Exchange Module Content Threat Intelligence Exchange
lmasecore2000 Anti-spam engine for Linux Security for Email Servers
lv2sneng1000 Linux Anti-Virus Engine VirusScan for Linux (LinuxShield)
mar_content_1000 McAfee Active Response Content Update McAfee Active Response
masecore2000 Anti-spam engine McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange 8.0, 8.5
Security for Domino 7.5 (Windows)

Mac Anti-Virus Engine

Security for Mac 1.x
VirusScan for Mac 9.x
VirusScan for Mac 8.x
suppclnt1000 MER for ePO Minimum Escalation Requirement
suppmvtct1000 ePO-MVT Content McAfee Virtual Technician
telecont1000 Product Improvement Program Content Product Improvement Program
telecont1000_epo Product Improvement Program ePO Content Product Improvement Program
viruscan8800 VSE 8.8 Help Package VirusScan Enterprise 8.8
vscandat1000 AVV DAT (V2 DAT) All supported anti-virus products
vscaneng1000 Anti-Virus Engine All supported Windows anti-virus products
n/a = not available
EOL = end of life
CommonUpdater FAQs
What is the difference between the CommonUpdater and CommonUpdater2 sites?
The CommonUpdater site is used by default by most McAfee products. It contains resources for various products. The CommonUpdater2 site does not have a copy of the DAT files in its root folder. The DATs in the vscan1000 directory do not have DAT Reputation packaged.

What are the benefits of using the CommonUpdater2 download site?
If you have no products installed that look for DAT content in the root directory of the site, selecting the CommonUpdater2 site offers bandwidth benefits because fewer files need to be replicated.

Can I use a direct IP address instead of DNS resolution for updating?
Hosting the DAT content requires hundreds of IP addresses for load balancing and high availability. These IP addresses are not static and McAfee does not support their direct use. For details, see KB54974.

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