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Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders 4.0 Patch 1 Hotfix 791359
Technical Articles ID:  KB76607
Last Modified:  2/4/2015


McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders (EEFF) 4.0 Patch 1 Hotfix 791359

For EEFF 4.x supported environments, see KB72735.


All the issues mentioned in this article that were previously resolved by Hotfix 791359 are now resolved in the Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders (EEFF) 4.1 release, which is available from the McAfee Downloads site at: http://mcafee.com/us/downloads/downloads.aspx.

NOTE: You will need a valid Grant Number for access. KB56057 provides additional information about the Downloads site, as well as alternate locations for some products.

Patches are cumulative; therefore, Intel Security recommends that you install the latest one.
EEFF 4.0 Patch 1 Hotfix 791359 details:

  • You can only use this hotfix with EEFF 4.0 Patch 1.
  • The Release Notes are attached to this article (EEFF4_0_Patch1_with_HF791359_Release-Notes.pdf).

EEFF 4.0 Patch 1 with Hotfix 791359 provides the additional solutions (extracted from the attached hotfix Release Notes):
  • Sometimes, files are not listed in EERM Offsite mode when the folder name contains double-byte characters. 
  • Unable to drag and drop a document or copy it to another location using the Audit system/2 Document management (AS2) application.
  • On accessing Internet Explorer from Favorites, the user sees a confirmation message that must be acknowledged before launching the application.
  • The following registry changes are required on each client for the fix for the Internet Explorer launch issue to take effect: 
    1. Open regedit from the cmd prompt.
    2. Go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders.
    3. Add registry name – IconOverlayBlackList, value type - REG_MULTI_SZ, value - iexplore.exe 
NOTE: For installation and system requirements, refer to the hotfix release notes.


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