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Solidcore scsrvc service failed to start after successful installation of Solidifier Linux
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Last Modified:  3/5/2015


McAfee Solidifier Linux 6.1


The Solidcore scsrvc service failed to start after successful installation of Solidifier Linux. The following error displays in the install-6.x.x-xxxx.log:

symbol <SYMBOL_NAME> in /boot/System.map-`uname -r` does not match with symbol <SYMBOL_NAME> in /proc/kallsyms.
Error starting McAfee Solidifier service.\n


Solidcore expects /boot/System-map-`uanme -r` symbol to match /proc/kallsyms. The symbol mismatched error is caused by multiple lines for the same symbol in /proc/kallsyms. This is likely added by an incompatible application containing a different symbol value.


This issue is resolved in Solidcore 6.1.0-9488 (or later).



The file /proc/kallsyms has multiple lines for the symbol reported when attempting to start the scsrvc service.
  1. Execute the following commands to determine the additional symbols.

    grep -I <SYMBOL_NAME> /proc/kallsyms
    grep -I
    <SYMBOL_NAME> /boot/System-map-`uname -r`
  2. Determine the extra entry that contains a name in the square brackets in the /proc/kallsyms file.
  3. Remove or unload the driver that belongs to the application. It is incompatible with Solidcore.


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