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End of Life and End of Sale for Endpoint Encryption for PC 5.2.0 - 5.2.5 and 5.2.8 - 5.2.11
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Last Modified:  03/03/2014


McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC 5.2.0 - 5.2.5, 5.2.8 - 5.2.11


This support statement is provided by the McAfee Product Management Team.
Date: March 31, 2013

McAfee announces End of Sale (EOS) and End of Life (EOL) for Endpoint Encryption for PC (EEPC) 5.2.0 - 5.2.5 and 5.2.8 - 5.2.11.

End of Sale and End Of Life

  • On March 31, 2013, EEPC 5.2.0 - 5.2.5 and 5.2.8 - 5.2.11 will reach the EOS stage. As of this date, this product will not be available for purchase.
  • On March 31, 2014, EEPC 5.2.0 - 5.2.5 and 5.2.8 - 5.2.11 will reach the EOL stage. As of this date, McAfee will no longer provide technical support for these versions. However, customers can still purchase and receive support for EEPC 5.2.6, 5.2.12, and later releases.
  • For details about the supported Drive Encryption (DE) 7.1 migration paths, see the DE 7.1 supported environments article KB79422 and the FAQs article KB79784.
  • You can upgrade to the legacy EEPC 5.2.6 or 5.2.12 or later versions. Additionally, you can migrate to EEPC 7.0 and management using ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO).
  • EEPC 5.2.6 is not included in this EOL announcement due to its FIPS certification. Before the year-end 2013, there will be an EOS/EOL announcement made for all remaining legacy EEPC and EEM 5.x versions.

Migrating to ePO management and EEPC 7.0
EEPC 5.2.1 and later can migrate directly to EEPC 7.0 and ePO management. As of the release of McAfee Drive Encryption (MDE) 7.1, the only legacy EEPC versions that will be supported for a direct migration will be EEPC 5.2.6 or 5.2.12 and later.

Customers requiring FIPS compliance
McAfee advises customers who require FIPS compliant products to migrate to any of the supported EEPC and Endpoint Encryption Manager (EEM) 5.2.12 or later releases.

NOTE: FIPS compliance does not mean FIPS certified. For FIPS certified products, read the following section. 

Customers requiring FIPS certification
McAfee advises customers who require FIPS certification to upgrade to EEPC and EEM 5.2.6 (FIPS certified). Alternatively, customers who require FIPS certification can also migrate to EEPC 7.0, which is also FIPS certified.

To view the EEPC/EEM 5.2.6 FIPS certificate, see the NIST website: http://csrc.nist.gov/groups/STM/cmvp/documents/140-1/1401val2011.htm#1601

To view the EEPC 7.0 FIPS certificates, refer to the NIST website:

NOTE: Installing EEPC 7.0 in FIPS mode will install the FIPS certified binaries from 6.1.3.

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