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Solidcore Local CLI Access Password was not updated or does not exist on client system
Technical Articles ID:   KB78110
Last Modified:  7/6/2016


McAfee Application Control (MAC) 6.1.0
McAfee Change Control (MCC) 6.1.0


The passwd file for McAfee Application Control (MAC) / McAfee Change Control (MCC) is not present on the client system (in c:\Program Files\McAfee\Solidcore\) after doing the following in the ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 4.x server:
  • Upgrading the Solidcore Extension from 5.1.x to 6.1.0 on the ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 4.x server
  • Changing the Local Command Line Interface (CLI) Access Password
  • Deploying Solidcore Agent through ePO
An event message (similar to the following) displays in the Windows Event Viewer Application Log when this issue occurs:
Event No: 975
Event source: McAfee Solidifier
Generated On: Tue Apr 16 14:55:46 2013
Event ID: 000008
Source Name: McAfee Solidifier
Computer Name:
User Name: N/A
Description: Local Administrator executed command 'sadmin -s solidcore' at Tue Apr 16 2013 14:55:46 (Return status: 22).


The following displays in the Solidcore log files:
U.1784.2024: Apr 10 2013:13:51:11.521:   SYSTEM: cmdi_process.c:  800: Command 'sadmin passwd -s ' returned 22: Invalid argument


The user is able to recover the local CLI without a password.

System Change

The Solidcore Extension was upgraded from 5.1.x to 6.1.0.


In the General Configuration policy for the CLI password policy setting, the following two additional properties were added after 5.1:
  • password_sha512 
  • salt
When a policy from version 5.1 is used on the new version post extension upgrade, the policy might cause problems on the endpoint because it lacks these two additional settings.


This issue is resolved in MAC/MCC 6.1.1 (or later), which is available from the Product Downloads site at: http://mcafee.com/us/downloads/downloads.aspx. For instructions on how to download patches, see KB56057.


Use the following steps to work around this issue:
  1. Log on to the ePO 4.x console.
  2. Export the policy that existed in Extension version 5.1. See the "Upgrade the Solidcore extension" section in PD25245 for details on exporting policies.
  3. Import the policy into ePO again.
  4. Open the policy, add the value for password again, and click Save.
  5. Perform an agent wake-up call on the system group that the policy has been applied to.

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