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Unexpected error 0x8004010f occurred in "EcCheckVirusScanStamp" (on Exchange 2010)
Technical Articles ID:   KB79077
Last Modified:  12/29/2016


McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange 8.0.x
Microsoft Exchange 2010


Multiple events, similar to the following, are added to Event Log:
Event ID: 9567 “Unexpected error 0x8004010f occurred in "EcCheckVirusScanStamp"


Events such as the Event ID: 9567 shown above are generated by the Microsoft Exchange Information Store Diagnostic Logging.

NOTE: These Events are not generated by Security for Exchange 8.0, and are not an indication of an issue in the McAfee products.

You can confirm that Information Store Diagnostic logging is enabled in the following way:
  1. Click Start, Programs, Microsoft Exchange 2010, Exchange Management Shell.
  2. At the prompt, type the following command and press ENTER:

    get-eventloglevel MSExchangeIS
  3. Examine the list returned. If Expert is shown for the Virus Scanning entry, this indicates that Diagnostic Logging is enabled. Having the level set at Expert causes the events shown above to be generated.


To stop the events being generated:
  1. Open the Exchange Management Console.
  2. Click Server Configuration, Mailbox.
  3. In the Properties of the Server, run Manage Diagnostic Logging Properties.
  4. In Manage Diagnostic Logging Properties, scroll through the list for MSExchangeIS.
  5. Check for Virus Scanning settings in 900x.
  6. Change Diagnostic Logging Properties for MSExchangeIS to Lowest to prevent these Events IDs from being generated.

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