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McAfee partners with Software Diversified Services to deliver E-Business Server sales and support
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Last Modified:  01/17/2014


McAfee E-Business Server, all versions


McAfee has recently announced a partnership with Software Diversified Services (SDS) to deliver E-Business Server sales, support, and maintenance.

What's changing for E-Business Server customers?
McAfee remains committed to bringing best-of-breed security solutions to our customers, and encryption is an essential part of that strategy. In some cases, delivering the right solutions to our customers means fulfilling the technology through strategic partnerships. This complements our own security portfolio and ultimately delivers better value to our customers. As part of this commitment to excellence, McAfee has announced a partnership with SDS to deliver E-Business Server.

Why is McAfee partnering with SDS for E-Business Server?
SDS is a leader in the security, encryption and data compression technologies, and brings more than 30 years of software expertise. McAfee is confident that SDS is the right choice to ensure customers can continue to protect their data using the industry-standard encryption technologies provided by E-Business Server.

What will happen to the existing McAfee E-Business Server solutions?
As part of this strategic partnership, McAfee will transition responsibility for the E-Business Server product to SDS. From October 1, 2013, SDS will provide ongoing support and maintenance in addition to managing future product development.

Is there a migration plan or product replacement for McAfee customers?
Existing customers can contact SDS directly to arrange extended support contracts. In the meantime, you can continue to use E-Business Server with no service interruption. Because SDS will provide support and maintenance for McAfee customers and plans to continue to actively develop the E-Business Server product, we do not expect that any product replacements will be necessary.

Will E-Business Server continue to be upgraded to meet evolving security needs?
Yes, SDS plans to continue to develop the E-Business Server product to ensure that this product meets evolving security needs.

Can I purchase additional licenses for E-Business Server?
Yes, you can purchase additional licenses for E-Business Server directly from SDS. As part of our efforts to ensure continuous service and support for valued customers, McAfee has arranged for SDS to deliver sales and support to both existing and new users.

How do I engage with SDS?
For questions regarding E-Business Server sales and support engagements with SDS, contact:

Deb Hodson, National Sales Manager
Software Diversified Services
1322 81st Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55432
Tel: 763-571-9000
Email: info@sdsusa.com

For additional details, contact the McAfee Sales team.

How do I open a support case with SDS?
Use one of the following options to open a support case:

  • Send an email to issues@sdsusa.com. The subject of the email will be assigned to the summary of the issue, and the body of the email will be assigned to the description. The SDS system processes the email (within a one or two minutes), a case number will be assigned, and a return email will be sent with the information. Any email attachments will be attached to the case automatically.
  • Use the https://issues.sdsusa.com/new.issue.htm web site to log a case.
  • Telephone Support (763) 571-9000
  • Off hours support (8-5, CT, M-F, excluding holidays)  will also require a call to SDS at (763) 571-9000 to request off hour support.

Where can I go for more information?

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