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End Of Life for NSP Software 6.1
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Last Modified:  11/07/2013


McAfee Network Security Manager 6.1
McAfee Network Security Sensor 6.1


McAfee announces End of Life (EOL) for Network Security Platform software 6.1. Support for the following products end on July 31, 2014.  

  • McAfee Network Security Manager Software Version 6.1 (Including Network Security Central Manager)
  • McAfee Network Security Platform Software Version 6.1
  • McAfee Network Threat Behavior Anomaly Software Version 6.1

McAfee recommends that customers upgrade to version 7.1 or higher as soon as possible.
NOTE: Limited support for 6.1 will continue until October 31, 2014. Limited support states that McAfee will support customers who are running 6.1, with issues such as product configuration, setup, and other related assistance, but McAfee will not create any hotfixes, new software releases to fix defects, or product enhancements for the 6.1 version after July 31, 2014. 

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