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Internet Explorer Java applications fail after updating to Host IPS November security content version 5209
Technical Articles ID:   KB79755
Last Modified:  11/7/2016


McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention (Host IPS) 8.0, 7.0


The browser application plug-in that uses Java does not work after updating the Host IPS 8.0 security content 5209, causing Internet Explorer (IE) to not load the Java application.

System Change

Updated the Host IPS security content to November version 5209.


Signature 6666 (Generic Java Sandbox Escape Exploit Detected) has been removed from the November content package because of the issue.


As a precautionary measure, McAfee withdrew the 5209 security content from the common update repository, and replaced it with the 5221 content.

Host IPS November Security Content Version 5221 is available on the McAfee HTTP and FTP download sites, and can be pulled into the ePO Master Repository via a Pull Task. See KB53092 for information on signature content updates and remediation content rollback.

NOTE: The 5221 content is a repost of the November 5209 security content, with Signature 6666 removed. Signature 6666 (Generic Java Sandbox Escape Exploit Detected) was removed because of the reported issue.

McAfee is continuing to investigate this issue and expects to post an updated Signature 6666 in a future security content package when this issue has been resolved.

This article will be updated with information as it is released.

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