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Recovering local CLI fails, a long cmd auth from ePO is already running (after upgrading Application Control to a newer version)
Technical Articles ID:   KB81170
Last Modified:  4/18/2016


McAfee Application Control (MAC) 6.x
McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 4.x


After upgrading MAC to a new version, the Recover command line interface (CLI) fails with the following error:

Failed to recover local CLI because a background command "auth" from ePO is already running. Please use -f option to forcefully abort the background command and recover local CLI.


The Solidcore log displays the following message:

Recovering local CLI failed, a long cmd auth from ePO is already running.


There are many Solidcore rules configured in ePO but the Policy enforcement interval is configured to a very short amount of time.

Policy enforcement interval (minutes): 5


Increase the Policy enforcement interval in the McAfee Agent policy and accept the value that works better for your environment.
  1. Log on to the ePO console.
  2. Click Menu, Policy, Policy Catalog.
  3. Select McAfee Agent from the Product drop-down list, and All for the Category.
  4. Click the My Default/General policy for your default policy.
  5. Set the Policy enforcement interval (minutes) entry to the required setting for your environment and click Save.

    NOTE: Test this interval option, specifying the entry in minutes (in other words, 20, 40, 60, and so on). 

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