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How to reset the admin account password in Email Gateway 7.x and later
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Last Modified:  4/7/2017


McAfee Email Gateway (MEG) 7.x


This article explains how to reset the password for the admin account on a MEG 7.x appliance. Use the following steps if you have forgotten your password, or if it is not working correctly (for example, it works for the appliance management console, but not the CLI).


Reset the password using the Super Administrator role
If you have created a user account with the Super Administrator role, you can use this account to reset the built-in admin account password:
  1. Log on to the appliance management console using another user account with the Super Administrator role.
  2. Navigate to System, Users.
  3. Click the Edit icon for the admin account.
  4. Click Reset Password.

    A new password for the admin account will be generated. Make a record of this new password.

    NOTE: Passwords are case sensitive.
  5. Log out as the Super Administrator and log on as admin using the generated password. 
  6. Click Change Password in the upper-left corner of the management console to change the password to something you will remember.
  7. Save and apply the configuration as required.


Reset the password for a physical appliance
If you do not have another Super Administrator account you can use to reset the admin password, you can reset it to the factory default password by booting the appliance from the included installation CD.

NOTE: If you do not have the installation CD, you can download the ISO image from the McAfee Downloads site at: http://mcafee.com/us/downloads/downloads.aspx.
  1. Boot the appliance from the installation CD. 
  2. When the McAfee Email Gateway Installation Menu displays, deselect all of the default options and select only the w - Reset password to factory default option.

    IMPORTANT: Ensure that this is the only highlighted option.
  3. Select a to proceed with the selected option. This will reset the admin password to the factory default of password.
  4. After the password has been reset to the factory default, log on to the management console.
  5. Click Change Password in the upper-left corner of the management console to change the password. 

    IMPORTANT: Intel strongly recommends that you immediately change the factory default password.
  6. Save and apply the configuration as required.


Reset the password for a virtual appliance

IMPORTANT: Before you begin, ensure that you can access the vCenter or similar software that manages the virtual environment where your MEG virtual appliance resides. You may need to arrange a short service outage for your MEG appliance while you perform this password reset.
  1. From the virtual environment management software, locate the required MEG virtual appliance. 
  2. Power off, and then power on, the MEG virtual appliance. 
  3. When the boot menu is displayed, select Rescue Media and press ENTER. 
  4. Type Y to agree to the license agreement and press ENTER. 
  5. Type W (reset password to factory default) and press ENTER.

    When the appliance reboots, the password is reset to the factory default of password

    IMPORTANT: McAfee strongly recommends that you immediately change the factory default password.

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