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Explanation of ePO Web API and where to find Web API documentation
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Last Modified:  6/11/2019


McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 5.x


The ePO database schema typically changes from version to version, to facilitate required ePO adjustments and optimization. For this reason, McAfee created a Web API that allows access to data via scripting. The Web APIs are extensible, and rarely change between versions.

For more information about Web API functionality and usage, see the applicable Web API Scripting guide for your version of ePO.
For McAfee product documents, go to the Enterprise Product Documentation portal at https://docs.mcafee.com.

NOTE: Web API Scripting guides are also available from the Software Manager.

Key points:
  • The Web API client (mcafee.py) is developed and tested with python 2.x. Currently there are no plans to test earlier or later versions of python. McAfee cannot guarantee compatibility with other versions.
  • ePO 5.10 ships with the latest version for python 2.x
  • If you need to exchange data with the ePO database to integrate with business processes and products, use the Web APIs or contact McAfee Professional Services.

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