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On-Screen Keyboard does not accept any input during preboot authentication on a Dell Venue 11 tablet
Technical Articles ID:   KB81357
Last Modified:  5/29/2018


McAfee Drive Encryption (DE) 7.x
Dell Venue 11 tablet

For details of DE 7.x supported environments, see KB79422.


After you install and activate DE 7.1, you cannot authenticate at the preboot authentication screen if you use the Dell On Screen Keyboard (OSK).

You can authenticate and access your operating system only after you connect a USB keyboard and restart your computer.

The issue has been reported only on the Dell Venue 11 Tablet.


Investigation has shown that the Absolute Pointer Protocol (APP) is not available during startup, even with the Dell BIOS upgraded to revision A10.

You can determine if the APP is available with the UEFI-based tablet test tool (for details, see KB78050). During a normal boot sequence, during testing, the UEFI-based tablet test tool does not allow you to use the touch input. But, after starting your computer and enabling the One Time Boot menu option, the APP becomes available and the tablet test tool tests are successful.


Install the Dell BIOS update release A12 for the Venue 11 Pro. The APP loads and becomes available during preboot.

IMPORTANT: You must set the firmware FastBoot settings options to Thorough.

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