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Linux Event Collector supported versions
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Last Modified:  6/11/2019


McAfee SIEM Enterprise Event Receiver (Receiver) 11.x.x, 10.x.x
McAfee SIEM Enterprise Event Collector


The McAfee Linux Event Collector allows you to add a local agent to your system that can 'push' several types of data to the McAfee Event Receiver. The table below shows the supported versions of the Linux Event Collector on several Linux distributions. The Linux distributions shown are the minimum supported version. The Linux Event Collector works on newer versions of these distributions.

Supported versions

Linux distribution Linux Event Collector package version
Ubuntu 10.04 mcafee-siem-collector_11.00-4271-1625_all.deb
Ubuntu 12.04 mcafee-siem-collector_11.00-4271-1625_all.deb
Red Hat 5.8 mcafee-siem-collector-11.00.4271-1625.i686.rpm
Red Hat 6.2 mcafee-siem-collector-11.00.4271-1625.i686.rpm
Fedora 16 mcafee-siem-collector-11.00.4271-1625.i686.rpm
Suse 11 mcafee-siem-collector-11.00.4271-1625.i686.rpm
CentOS 5.9 mcafee-siem-collector_11.00-4271-1625_all.deb
CentOS 6.4 mcafee-siem-collector_11.00-4271-1625_all.deb

NOTE: The Linux Event Collector carries its dependencies in the package and McAfee expects it to work on substantially similar distributions to the distributions listed above.

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