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ePO Hotfix 960279 (EPOHF960279.zip) is installed to the incorrect directory on ePO 5.x servers
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Last Modified:  1/11/2016


McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 5.x


If the installation path for the ePO 5.x server is located in C:\Program Files\..., ePO Hotfix 960279 (original posting) will not install to the correct location, instead placing the installation files in C:\Program Files (x86)\... 

This problem will occur with ePO 5.x installations that have been previously:
  • Migrated directly from ePO 4.x installations on Windows 32-bit
  • Installed to a custom location under the 64-bit Windows C:\Program Files\... directory
NOTE: Remote Agent Handlers are not affected by this path issue.


ePO Hotfix 960279 has been reposted as ePO Hotfix 960279-2

The new hotfix available is ePOHF960279-2.zip and can be obtained from the McAfee Downloads site.


In addition, the files that are installed by ePOHF960279.zip (original posting) to the incorrect location may be backed up and deleted (C:\Program Files(x86)\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Apache2).

NOTE: This step should apply only to those who fall into this specific scenario where the Apache files are installed to the wrong path (path where your ePO server is not actually installed).


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