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System requirements to support ICAP Protocol filers with VirusScan Enterprise for Storage
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Last Modified:  1/30/2018


McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Storage (VSES) 1.2.x

For details of VSES supported environments, see KB74863.


System requirements to support ICAP Protocol filers with VSES

The VSES service ICAP Scanner temporary folder:
  • The ICAP protocol design requires that a file to be scanned must be copied in its entirety to the scanner.
  • There must be a temporary folder on the scanner to receive these files.
  • The VSES service runs in the security context of a user account, as all services do.
  • Determine the user account.
  • Determine the folder that this user account’s local %TEMP% variable indicates.
  • The following subfolder is created in the %TEMP% folder to host these temporary files during scan requests:


    • The mass storage device hosting the %TEMP% folder must have sufficient space free to host these files during scan requests.
    • Mass storage is inexpensive and McAfee recommends >=100 GB free space to effectively eliminate the possibility of mass storage space exhaustion.
    • If sufficient space is unavailable on the volume currently hosting the %TEMP%, you can use a volume with sufficient space by changing the location of the %TEMP% folder to the new volume.
VSE exclusions
Create VirusScan Enterprise (not VSES) On-Access Scanner (OAS) and On-Demand Scanner (ODS) exclusions for the ICAP scanner temporary files folder:
  • Create an OAS exclusion for all scan categories (in other words, Default, Low-Risk, and High-Risk).
  • Create an ODS exclusion for all scan tasks for: **\VSEICAPTempFiles\

    NOTE: Apply the exclusion against subfolders.
Accept scan requests from these ICAP clients only
You can configure this option via the ePO or VSE console:
  • ePO Console: Policy Catalog, VirusScan Enterprise for Storage, ICAP Policies, Connections and Server, Connection List.
  • VSE Console: ICAP AV Scanner, Connections and Server, Connection List.

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