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Rogue System Detection 5.0.x Known Issues
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Last Modified:  12/11/2018


McAfee Rogue System Detection (RSD) 5.0.x


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Date Update
December 11, 2018 Updated RSD 5.0.6 (General Availability release), now available on the Product Downloads site.
November 14, 2018 Added RSD 5.0.6 Release to Support information, and several known issues fixed by this release.
March 7, 2018 Updated to add expand/collapse titles.

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Product release information
RSD Version Release Date Release Notes
5.0.6 (GA) December 11, 2018 PD28122
5.0.5 (GA) April 3, 2017 PD26995
5.0.4 (GA) October 5, 2016 PD26644
5.0.3 (GA) March 3, 2016 PD26358
5.0.2 (GA) July 16, 2015 PD26020
5.0.1 (GA) February 17, 2015 PD25729
5.0.0 (GA) July 10, 2014 PD25283
 GA=General Availability

NOTE: Any future product functionality or releases mentioned in the Knowledge Base are intended to outline our general product direction and should not be relied on, either as a commitment, or when making a purchasing decision.

Issue resolutions in updates and major releases are cumulative; Technical Support recommends that you install the latest version. To find the most recent release for your product, visit the Product Downloads site at http://www.mcafee.com/us/downloads/downloads.aspx.

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There are currently no critical known issues.

Reference Number Related Article Found in
Issue Description
1238764 - 5.0.5 5.0.6 Issue: RSD sensors were displayed as Uninstalled when McAfee Agent was reinstalled on the client system. A new entry for the same sensor was added and displayed in the RSD Dashboard, leading to stale data.
1239914 - 5.0.5 5.0.6 Issue: The status of the RSD sensor was changing intermittently from Active to Passive in the RSD Dashboard.
- 5.0.5 5.0.6 Issue: RSD shows as stopped in ePO. BalashApp.exe is no longer running on the systems.

Resolution: BalashApp.exe now continues to run automatically when you reboot the system, or install, upgrade, or uninstall McAfee Agent on a system.
1244754 - 5.0.5 5.0.6 Issue: RSD sensors were displayed with "Missing" and Blank status due to a McAfee Agent and Local Procedure Call (LPC) communication issue.
- 5.0.5 5.0.6 Issue: The ePO System details page is blank because of Related item tab from the System details page.

Workaround: Disable Related item tab, because the same information is available in the RSD Detection page.
1252611 - RSD 5.0.5

ePO 5.3.3
Issue: An unknown error is displayed on the policy page after the RSD extension upgrade. This is a known issue with ePO 5.3.3.
1238208 - 5.0.5 5.0.6 Issue: [Enhancement] The RSD policy page is now improved to reduce the complexity.
1238785 -   5.0.6 Issue: Loading the RSD Dashboard is slow when displaying the Detected Systems page.

Resolution: Optimized RSD queries with indexing now improve the performance.
1224813 -   5.0.6 Issue: The SENSORPOLICYPLUGIN threads become unresponsive.
1228473 -   5.0.5 Issue: Rogue System Detection sensors are submitting data under the agent GUID with all 0's due to McAfee Agent/LPC communication issue with Rogue System Detection. This issue is resolved in Rogue System Detection 5.0.5 and later.
  - 5.0.2 5.0.3 Issue: Several security vulnerabilities exist in the RSD extension.
1109879 - 5.0.2 5.0.3 Issue: Sensors that are not in the domain are not shown as managed devices.
1095488 KB86148 5.0.2 5.0.3 Issue: Managed systems are detected as rogue.
1085998 KB85773 5.0.2 5.0.3 Issue: If a detected system contains a non-UTF8 character in the NetBIOS name, the RSD sensor is prevented from returning detected system data to the McAfee ePO server.
1029590 - 5.0.0 5.0.1 Issue: Because RSD 4.7.2 was released after RSD 5.0.0, McAfee does not support upgrades from RSD 4.7.2 to RSD 5.0.0.

Workaround: If you have RSD 4.7.2 and want to install RSD 5.0.0, you must completely remove RSD 4.7.2 and then install RSD 5.0.0.
1029145 KB83663 5.0.0 5.0.1 Issue: A deployed RSD 5.0.0 sensor loses its connection with McAfee Agent (MA) and ePO after:
  • An upgrade from MA 4.8 Update 1 to MA 4.8 Update 2.
  • An upgrade from MA 4.8 Update 2 to MA 4.8 Update 3.
All sensors display as unknown on the RSD extension.

Workaround: Restart the sensor service to re-establish sensor communication with MA and ePO. After the sensor receives the policy again, the sensor correctly displays as active or passive on the RSD extension.
116105 - 5.0.5 - Issue: After an RSD upgrade or a fresh installation, the RSD sensor might become inactive.

Workaround: Restart the sensor service:
  1. Press the Windows Key + R, type services.msc, and click OK.
  2. Right-click the McAfee RSD Sensor service and select Restart.
  3. Close the Services Control Panel.
1050755 - 5.0.1   Issue: When using ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 5.3 and RSD 5.0.1 (and later), running an RSD server task to upgrade the sensors fails. The task ends successfully, but the task details show "Completed: Update Sensor Deployment Client Tasks (Failed to Update Sensor Deployment Client Tasks)".

Workaround: Install or upgrade the sensors using a client task or manually install or upgrade the sensors.
1148678 - 5.0.4   Issue: Version Information is shown as blank for a detection rogue system with a Windows 2012 server.
1129269 - 5.0.4   Issue: Sometimes the Balashapp.exe process consumes high CPU.

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