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Reports do not run correctly after an upgrade
Technical Articles ID:   KB82385
Last Modified:  10/25/2019


McAfee SIEM Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) 11.x.x, 10.x.x


After upgrading the ESM, scheduled reports either will not run, contain partial or invalid data, or are blank.


Depending on the versions of ESM that you are upgrading from and to, including hotfixes, the changes might extend to and affect the storage and processing of reports. Because a report contains a large number of queries and filters, changes made in the underlying application can impact the report and cause the issues described above.


The following steps usually resolve these reporting issues:
  1. Edit the report under ESM Properties, Reports.
  2. Inside the Report Editor, scroll down to 5: Choose an existing layout, and Edit your layout.
  3. Select any of the tables or charts in your layout and click Edit Query.
  4. Change the query in any way to refresh it. For example, add a new query filter, and then remove it. Doing so makes the OK button in the Query Filters available.
  5. Click OK, click Finish in the Query wizard, and then Save your report layout.
  6. When the layout is saved, click the X at the top right to exit the Report Layout screen. 
  7. In the Edit Report screen, click Save at the bottom right.
NOTE: These steps might need to be repeated for each data source experiencing the issue.

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