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Available dashboards for ePolicy Orchestrator Cloud
Technical Articles ID:   KB82886
Last Modified:  8/2/2018


McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) 10.x
McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) Cloud 5.x


The following table describes the available dashboards in the ePO Cloud console with ENS 10.x products installed.
Dashboard Description
Audit Logon attempts, and policy and configuration change history
Endpoint Security: Compliance Status Access Protection, Endpoint Protection, Service Pack, On-Access Scan, AMCore, and other compliance status
Endpoint Security: Content Status Threat prevention and exploit prevention status
Endpoint Security: Detection Status Threats detected in the last 24 hours and 7 days
Endpoint Security: Environmental Health Currently enabled technologies
Endpoint Security: Firewall Dashboard Firewall events from the last 24 hours
Endpoint Security: Installation Status Product and hotfixes installation status
Endpoint Security: Protection Summary Protection status and malware trends
Endpoint Security: Scan Duration Duration of full and quick scans in the past 7 days
Endpoint Security: Threat Behavior Top threats and duration before detection
Endpoint Security: Threat Events Origins Primary vectors, users, applications, and web categories in the last 7 days
Endpoint Security: Web Control Activity Top 100 visited sites and downloads - Red, Yellow, and Unrated
Endpoint Security: Web Control Block and Allow lists Top 100 sites on the block and allow lists
Endpoint Security: Web Control Content Summary Sites visited by content and actions
Endpoint Security: Web Control Security Summary Site visits and downloads by actions and ratings
Endpoint Security: Web Control Warned/Blocked Top sites blocked, blocked Red, and Warned/Cancelled and Continued
ePO Summary Systems and malware detection with a search option
Executive Dashboard Malware detection history
Getting started with ePO Welcome and getting started information
Product Deployment Product deployment/failed deployment and updates/failed updates
Threat Events Threat events by description, last 24 hours, past 2 weeks, and group
Trends New agents and update success/failures in the past 2 months

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