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McAfee Agent 4.5 upgrade to 5.x is not supported
Technical Articles ID:   KB82897
Last Modified:  4/27/2015


McAfee Agent (MA) 5.x


McAfee Agent (MA) 4.6 is the minimum supported version for upgrading client installations to MA 5.x. 


Upgrade attempts to MA 5.x from versions earlier than MA 4.6 fail silently. The following message is noted in the installation log:
upgrade support only from 4.6 and above


McAfee Agent 4.5 reached End of Life on June 30, 2014.
For product lifecycle details, see the McAfee Product and Technology Support Lifecycle page at: http://www.mcafee.com/us/support/support-eol.aspx.

For End of Life (EOL) policy details, see the Corporate Products EOL policy at: https://www.mcafee.com/enterprise/en-us/assets/misc/support-policy-product-support-eol.pdf.

  • EOL period—The time frame that runs from the day McAfee announces product discontinuation, until the last date that McAfee formally supports the product. In general, after the EOL period is announced, no enhancements are made.
  • EOL date—The last day that the product is supported, according to the terms of the McAfee standard support offering.


This is expected behavior. You must remove all MA installations earlier than MA 4.6 or upgrade to MA 4.6 Patch 3 before you upgrade to MA 5.x.

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