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How to enable Pre-Boot Smart Check to troubleshoot systems that become unresponsive before preboot authentication
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Last Modified:  5/22/2018


McAfee Drive Encryption (DE) 7.1.x

Dell Latitude 3340
NOTE: This solution also applies to other manufacturer and computer models.

For details of DE supported environments, see KB79422.


During system start-up, the system becomes unresponsive while attempting to load the preboot authentication screen.

The preboot authentication screen fails to load after you successfully install DE, add users, encrypt the disk, and restart the system.
Only a blank background screen is generally shown.

The user is unable to authenticate at pre-boot.

When the system is decrypted and deactivated, the system is able to successfully boot into Windows.


To resolve this compatibility issue, decrypt the computer and enable the option Enable Pre-Boot Smart Check before you re-deploy DE.
  1. Use the DETech recovery media to perform an Emergency Boot and gain access to Windows.
  2. At the ePO console, navigate to the DE Product Settings policy and select the option to Decrypt the computer.
  3. After the decryption completes on the endpoint, select the Enable Pre-Boot Smart Check option in the ePO policy, then re-deploy the product.
For assistance with configuring policies, refer to the relevant product guide. For assistance with creating a DETech recovery media, refer to the relevant DETech User Guide.

For McAfee product documents, go to the Enterprise Product Documentation portal at https://docs.mcafee.com.

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