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Network Data Loss Prevention incident filtering does not work properly if an email address contains special characters
Technical Articles ID:   KB84108
Last Modified:  3/6/2015


McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention Discover 9.3


When SMTP incidents are viewed (for example: in Incident View under Full Executive Summary - DiM, you select Top Senders) the filter will replace the email address in the filter with a "<" symbol if the email address contains any special characters, such as the "#" symbol.


Email addresses were not properly encoded.


This issue is being evaluated for consideration in a future product release or update. If this issue significantly impacts your business operations, log on to the ServicePortal and create a Service Request at https://support.mcafee.com/ServicePortal/faces/serviceRequests/createSR. Include this article number in the Problem Description field to help us assess the need for product modification.

You can also search the Ideas forum for an existing product idea that matches your requirements, and vote to have it added to the product. For more information about product ideas, see KB60021.


After selecting the email address in the filter, cut and paste the correct email address into the filter and click Apply.

NOTE: The Group By feature does not have this issue.

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